How to Build a Resilient Work Culture

Organizations and the people inside of them are beat down.

They’re burnt out, overworked and underpaid.

Because of this, people are walking away from their jobs.

Eight million people quit their jobs in the summer of 2021.

500,000 nurses are predicted to quit their jobs in 2022.

The turnover rate for nurses is between 18-24%.

Take a look at the food industry. How many people hav walked away from restaurant jobs?

It seems like every place you can go to eat, they are short staffed, and the service is not where it needs to be because people are not resilient.

They can’t take it anymore.

This poses a challenge to leaders as they’re trying to build a team that survives through tough times.

How to Transition from Nursing Leadership to Executive Leadership

Nursing has a hierarchy.

It usually starts as bing an RN then working up to be a charge nurse.

Then charge nurses turn into a nursing management role.

From there, it’s a long journey to become a nursing director and an even longer journey to become a senior level executive.

Ultimately, the goal is to be a chief nursing officer.

Right now, that pathway is shorter than were it Neds to be.

Why? Because the American healthcare system is in a crisis.

It’s in a crisis of epic proportions.

Why You Should Talk About COVID-19 At Work

The question that has been lingering in people’s minds: Should I talk about COVID 19 at work?
The problem we have around health issues is that most of us don’t know the challenges we face.
People are relying on social media and rumor mills to understand this virus and how it impacts the body.
This is creating division in our country because people with no scientific knowledge claim to be experts.
And the vast majority of people are getting their information from sources that are not credible.
Yet, you as a leader in healthcare are doing nothing to educate people because you’re afraid it’s controversial.

How To Brand Yourself

You are a diamond in the rough.

You’ve been in the same position for seven years and wonder why no one sees the good things you’ve accomplished, and you want to progress in your career.

You feel like you can make a bigger difference in the organization, but you’re not experiencing the success you need because you haven’t branded yourself the right way.

It’s time for you to toot your own horn.

3 Ways to Become a More Creative Leader

Being stuck in the status quo can have a negative impact on your team’s performance because nobody’s bringing anything new to the table.

When you get stuck doing things the same way they’ve always been done, you produce the same results and you won’t find much success as a leader.

Doing the same things doesn’t allow us to overcome new challenges.

Why You Need A Coach 

Every person that reaches their highest level of success has a coach. If you want to become a more successful executive, find a coach.

How to Speak Up

We’ve all seen things happen at work that concern us.
They may concern us so greatly that we want to speak up about it but don’t know how.
When people do things they should not be doing, it does not aid in the betterment of the organization or the people you serve.
It happens over and over again and sometimes it’s hard to speak up.

How To Grow In Your Specialty 

If you’ve been in the same job, doing the same thing in the same organization for 15 years, then you’re not really good at your job.

If you were good, you would’ve outgrown the position.

Someone would be looking to give you a higher position or you’d be tired of doing the same thing and seek a new position.

If you’ve been in the same job, doing the same thing in the same organization for 15 years, you’ve gotten good enough to get by and that’s the worst place to be as a leader.

You’re comfortable and eventually will be replaceable.

So, how do you grow to be more successful in your specialty?

This could mean a higher promotion or a larger salary.

There are many ways to grow in your specialty and you must work to or you’ll be yesterday’s news.

6 Books Every Leader Should Read 

I often get asked my opinion on the best books for leadership development.

If you’re leading a team, you can never stop growing as a leader.

Your self development process is paramount to your success as a leader.

If you don’t invest in your personal development, your team will lose confidence in you.

They won’t trust you and they won’t admire or value you as a leader.

So what are you doing right now to develop yourself as a leader?

What are you reading?

4 Tips for First Time Leaders 

I often get asked what advice I’d give to people advancing into a leadership position for the first time.

As a first-time leader, it’s really important that you get a strong foundation.

If you don’t get off on the right foot as a new leader, you’ll run into challenges.

Your team won’t have any confidence in your ability and they won’t believe you deserve the position.

When this happens, they’ll come up with their own ideas.

They’ll veer from the pathway that you’re trying to lead them on.

They may decide that they don’t want to work for someone that doesn’t have the skillset to be a leader.

Then, they’ll leave you.

If you don’t get good advice as a new leader, you’ll struggle.

Here are four tips that I give to every first-time leader.