Civil Conversations: A Masterclass

Learn to have effective discussions about race at work and improve your team culture — all at the same time. 

November 12, 2020

11am - 3pm EST

Civil Conversations is the masterclass you need to be an effective, compassionate leader in 2020.

Stop stumbling over your words when they matter the most.

You Need to Talk About Race

Chances are you already have. Maybe you tried your best to say the right things and still felt awkward, unprepared, and overwhelmed. But, no matter your past efforts, you can’t afford to ignore the elephant in the room.  


With the events of 2020, leaders need to be having these conversations now more than ever. Ignoring the issues only communicates that you don’t care and puts your organization at risk for lawsuits and employee turnover. 


Anton Gunn is uniquely qualified to help you learn how to face this challenge head on. As a diversity expert with  experience from the White House to the board room,  Anton’s life work is providing real tools to help break down the barriers you’re facing.  


Decide to be the change your organization needs.  Register for the Civil Conversations Masterclass today.

The Masterclass is for you if you...
  • Want to initiate conversations on inequality but have no clue where to start.
  •  Are afraid of offending or alienating your employees.

  • Need to speak with nuance and openness.
  • Must have one-on-one conversations or lead  team discussions about race in the workplace.

  • Are ready to inspire and empower your employees.

  • Want to learn how diversity and inclusion will improve your bottom line

Civil Conversations: The Masterclass Offers...


Access to a former top advisor to President Obama, executive
thought-leader, and renowned coach, speaker and trainer,   Anton Gunn.

Tool Kit

Straight talk on complicated issues and real tools, templates, and customizable action plans you can start using right away. 


Overcome the fear of saying the wrong thing, and communicate
appropriately with your teams—no matter who they are.

You want to do
the right thing.

Even when your heart is in the right place, it can be hard to say and do the right things. If you have a desire to learn, grow, and lead the way to a more inclusive, open, safe, and healthy workplace, this masterclass is for you.

Anton Will Inspire You

“Anton not only inspired the crowd, but gave them tangible actions they can take to make the most of diversity.” 

S.R., Director of Education, Association for the Healthcare Environment

Anton Keeps Your Attention!

“Anton has a confident presence and the innate ability to grab his
audience and move them to the edge of their seat.” 

T.R.B., Director of Learning & Development, Methodist Health System

Real World Experience

“His combination of real-world examples with his knowledge of diversity and inclusion, highlighted with humor, was the
perfect style for our group.” 

C.L.D., Conference Meeting Planner, NAAAHR-Milwaukee

During this
live masterclass...

Seating is limited and this event will sell out. join this half day session for:
  • The 5 biggest mistakes business leaders make when talking about race
  • Specific language to use and what to avoid
  • 6 traits of the most inclusive leaders
  • Customizable diversity action plan for Executives to radically improve workplace culture 

…and so much more! 

Total Retail Value: $497

Regular Price: $297

The World Is Changing.
Is Your Business Ready?

Listen to the news or look out on the streets of your city. It’s clear that things are changing, and history is being made.


Need further proof?  Employee turnover is high, and racial discrimination claims and other legal actions accounted for half a billion dollars worth of fines against American businesses last year.


When your employees don’t feel safe, seen or included, your organization suffers. This masterclass provides actionable steps for each key member of your team—no matter your
organization’s size or industry—that will create lasting positive change.

It's Time For Action

2020 has offered many challenges to the workforce. Corporate leaders and executives must be smart when handling race-based conversations about diversity,  equity, and inclusion. If you fail, the effects will be long-lasting and painful—because  both your workforce and customer base will be slow to forget. 


Diving into uncharted territory, taking action, and proving you are ready to learn and  grow as a company will boost your mission and your margin, all while contributing to  the collective change of our society.  

This masterclass is what front-line leaders urgently need to have these meaningful  conversations about race with your workforce. Your company can’t afford to hesitate.

About Your Host,
Anton Gunn

Anton Gunn is a Former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama and the world’s leading authority on Socially Conscious Leadership.  

He has a Masters Degree in Social Work from USC and was a Resident Fellow at Harvard. He is the bestselling author of The Presidential Principles and has been featured in TIME magazine, the Wall Street Journal, BBC,  NPR, and on Good Morning America.

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