When it comes to Diversity and Inclusion, how does your organization rank?

Are you ready to attract and retain the top talent in your industry?

World-class organizations know it’s a business imperative to attract, hire, and retain a diverse workforce. They also know that a diverse workforce drives innovation, learning, and growth. 


Savvy executives know that top talent wants to work for organizations that optimize this kind of environment. However, executives must recognize that hiring for diversity is not enough. 


You must build a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for your diverse employees.

A 2017 Gallup report found that if organizations increase psychological safety, it makes employees more engaged in their work and can lead to a 12% increase in productivity.


As an executive leader, you should be aware of these examples and numbers in your organization. Are you aware of the unsafe message you might be sending to your employees and top talent you are trying to attract? You may not even be aware of how your existing culture profile (no matter how great you believe it to be) contributes to a psychologically unsafe work environment.


Additionally, you may not be aware that your personal biases, previous statements, and current actions may be sending a terrible message to the public. Without an explicit and direct evaluation of your organizational practices, you might be saying to the world, “We don’t care about you. 


We don’t want you here. Your talent is not valuable to us.” We offer this checklist to assess if you might have a hostile culture to underrepresented minority groups in your organization.

This checklist is a place to begin your work around diversity and inclusion.

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