Dynamic keynote speaker and the world’s leading authority on socially conscious leadership Anton Gunn empowers individuals and organizations alike toward progress—and into the elite realm of those who actually make a difference.

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Results of Underperforming Leadership:

High Turnover Rates
Low performing teams
Poor decision making
Reduced earnings and overall success

Leadership Can Make
or Break an Organization

Leaders and managers have the important responsibility of engaging and inspiring their employees, achieving quality service, and setting the tone for a great company culture.

In other words, leaders have the opportunity to MAKE THINGS RIGHT, but 95% of them fail to do so.

Your leaders are dropping the ball because they’ve never been taught a better way. It’s time to correct inherited mistakes and equip leaders with the skills they need. 


Anton’s methodologies center on how to build high-performing teams, leading in times of change, and how to create more inclusive workplace cultures. Discover how these strategies can go to work for you too!

Making a Difference
…One Exceptional Leader at a Time

Equip yourself or your leaders with the skills they need to improve results across the board with Anton’s help as an inspiring leadership speaker or executive leadership coach.

Long-Term Employee Loyalty

Recruit and retain top-tier talent by creating an environment that honors and rewards their efforts and diverse skills. 

High-Performing Teams

Promote entrepreneurial thinking and foundational trust, where fresh ideas are celebrated and championed.

Integrity &

Embrace candor around complicated issues and have an action plan for inevitable change and challenge.  

Productivity & Profitability

Inspire effort and pride of ownership in work, while increasing the productivity and profitability of the business.

Keynotes that Inspire & Build

Inspiring leadership speaker Anton Gunn packs each keynote full of valuable insights on leadership for a changing world. As a renowned keynote speaker on workplace justice, how to build a culture of resilient leadership, and leadership strategies for a diverse workforce, Anton has a program perfect for your next event.

Anton Gunn Courses

Become the Type of Leader Who Can Transform Workplace Culture

Just Lead

This empowering book teaches how to lead in times of change with 44 actions to break down barriers, boost employee retention, and build a world-class culture.


You’ll discover how to leverage your power and influence as a leader to solve some of the biggest issues facing the modern workplace.

This is a reference you’ll come back to time and again!

Gain Leadership insight

2020 has been a year of astounding challenges, so there’s never been a better time to gain insights on leadership from an expert like Anton Gunn.  Anton’s informative presentation showed not only how to elevate yourself as a leader and support those around you, his unique personal experience and examples demonstrate how to apply the concepts in daily life. 

EVP of Emerging Products
Dow Draper,

compelling and authentic

We were very hopeful that you would put a nice touch on our Summit from a leadership development perspective, and you clearly exceeded everything I hoped for. People found you utterly compelling and incredibly authentic. You moved them emotionally. I just wanted to say thank you again.

Chief Customer Officer
Norman Wright

captivated our company-wide audience

Anton absolutely captivated our company-wide audience.  His comments resonated and both engaged and challenged all of us!   He educates and empowers action/change.  This is how you create better, more inclusive leaders.  Can’t recommend him more highly.

Bruce Cozadd, Jazz Pharmaceuticals

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