There is one thing that all great leaders have in common. They never stop developing themselves as leaders. 


They read. They take courses. They have mentors. They listen. They learn. They grow.


If you want to continue to improve as a leader, you must commit to these same practices. 


Becoming an effective leader is not just about your experiences but also about how you surround those leadership experiences with other leaders’ learning and teachings. 


Anton Gunn has developed a resource list of 44 books, readings, and other most impactful teachings over his lifetime on his growth as a leader. 


We are sharing this list to provide some resources to help you to grow.

This guide is a place to begin or continue your personal development as a leader.

Inside the guide, you’ll find:


  • A list of leadership books Anton Gunn used to grow his social consciousness and leadership acumen
  • Web resources from Inc. Magazine, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review
  • Resource teachings from Dr. Martin Luther King, John Maxwell, Jim Rohn, and Les Brown

And more…

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