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You're Already Successful, Now It's Time To Play Bigger

The biggest predicament that every leader faces (that keeps them stuck in a rut and paralyzed from making their next move) is this:

You’ve achieved some success, but now what?

Sound familiar? If you’ve been rethinking your career choices, you may be facing career stagnation.

Or, even if you landed the position you wanted, you’re continually getting passed over for bigger opportunities.

Or, maybe you lack confidence in your leadership skills and have no idea if you’re a good leader. So you’re terrified to speak up in meetings or put yourself out there. 

Or, maybe you have the skills to pay the bills, but you lack the personal brand and leadership profile that commands top dollar in the marketplace.

And to make matters worse, it’s getting harder & harder to watch your peers and coworkers advance in their careers while you spin your wheels in the same role year after year…

In my 25 years of leading at the highest level, I’ve found that most leadership training focuses on how to navigate your early career. And often only offers advice for run-of-the-mill company structures.

So in the Supreme Clientele Leadership Coaching Program, I won’t only equip you with the latest leadership skills that are working today, but I’ll personally show you how to become an influential top leader in your field.

It’s time to stop playing small, and become the leader you want to be.

Making your next career move is tricky…

That’s why smart leaders get advice from experts who can help them take the RIGHT steps to move up the ladder rather than slide down. 

Want to know why a third of all Fortune 500 companies use executive coaching to develop their top executives and talented up-and-comers?

Because. It. Works.

Here Are The Facts:
Do you want a surefire way to build your brand, get promoted, boost your salary, and become an influential leader in ONLY 12 months?
Welcome To The Ultimate Executive Leadership Coaching Experience

Hey there! It’s Anton. Like you, I’m a servant leader at heart and a multi-passionate educator by design, and I champion justice, empowerment, and legacy. I’m a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama and the world’s leading authority on Socially Conscious Leadership.

I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work from USC and was a Resident Fellow at Harvard. I am the bestselling author of three books and have been featured in Forbes, TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, INC magazine, BBC, NPR, and on Good Morning America. Recently, I was named by Fierce Healthcare as one of the Most Influential Minority Executives in Healthcare.

As an international speaker and consultant, I have worked with organizations like Mercedez Benz Vans, T-Mobile, Boeing, Verizon Wireless, Aetna, Blue Shield of California, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Sodexo, KPMG, American College of Surgeons, and FINRA.

From playing SEC Football and being the first African American in history elected to South Carolina legislature in my district early in my career, to now serving as CEO of 937 Strategy Group and serving on multiple boards, I’ve spent my life helping people build diverse, high-performing teams and world-class leadership culture.

Make it right!

Expert Advice at Your Fingertips

Not everyone has a job in an easy-to-navigate industry or organization. Sometimes moving up the ladder is a little more complicated, to say the least! 

You might have attended trainings or read popular leadership books, but you just can’t seem to put those strategies in place on your team…

Or maybe there’s something getting in your way that cookie-cutter leadership training never addresses… 

So you’re left wondering what steps you should take to become the leader you want to be.

That’s why I created an all-access executive coaching program, so I can help you rewrite your future as a leader.


The Supreme Clientele Coaching Program

Take your career to the next level in just 12 months with expert guidance, live group coaching calls, & complete access to my training vault. You'll get unlimited access to all my digital courses, plus exclusive access to live events and more.

What a Recent Client Said:
“Anton, thanks to you, I now know that I belong. You helped me go from a Director to a Senior Vice President in less than a year. I increased my salary by nearly $100,000, and you showed me how to negotiate an additional $25,000 in pay after the initial offer...

Your counsel, coaching, and training have been instrumental in helping me to show up like a c-level executive. Now, I am being recognized by my peers for the successes I helped us to achieve. I am also being recruited for CEO roles! I am finally able to bring all my skills and experiences to bear. I am grateful that you have helped me get here.”
Senior Vice President, Nonprofit Services Industry

The Supreme Clientele Leadership Coaching Program Includes Everything Below...

✅ 1-on-1 Personal Strategy Session with Anton so he can give you a personalized game plan for your rise to the top in the next 12 months

✅ Live Group Coaching Calls Every 2 Weeks so you can receive expert guidance at every step of your journey

✅ Monthly Exclusive Webinars to learn advanced leadership skills and stay competitive in the job market

✅ Instant Access to the Training Vault which includes recordings of all webinars, so you’ll never miss a training, even if you can’t attend the live events

✅ Instant Access To All Leadership Courses so you can dive right into world-class leadership training when you join

✅ Lifetime Access to the Training Vault & Courses so you can learn at your own pace and re-visit these critical principles at any point in your career

✅ Leadership Brand Profile Assessment to give you clarity on your executive brand

✅ VIP Access + 50% Discount To All Live Events so you can take your learning off-line and in person

✅ Discounted Speaking Rates so Anton can help you inspire change within your entire organization

✅ Anton Gunn Journal

✅ Digital Download of ALL Anton’s Books to give you full access to the in-depth knowledge Anton has to offer:

After You Finish The Program, You'll...

✅ Jumpstart the next chapter of your career feeling confident and assured with expert guidance every step of the way

✅ Increase your salary & future earning potential so you can build long-term wealth for you and your family

✅ Command more respect & gain influence as a leader among your coworkers, employees, and peers

✅ Achieve your career goals and make the unique impact only YOU can make on the world

✅ Improve your overall well-being… because you’re less frustrated and more exhilarated by your work life

Here's How It Works:

YOu Get A 1-on-1 Strategy Session With Anton Gunn

Then You Get 12 Months of Live Coaching & Q&A Sessions

Plus My entire Library Of Leadership Training Courses

This Program Is For You If...

✅ You’re an aspiring leader determined to lead strong, diverse teams and inspire positive change

✅ You’re a supervisor or manager who wants to step up your leadership skills so you can increase your salary and responsibilities in your company

✅ You’re an executive or senior-level manager and you want to develop a long-term, fulfilling career strategy

✅ You’re an entreprenuer and you want to move from a life of sucess to a legacy of significance

✅ You want to make a difference while you create a lucrative and impactful career for yourself

✅ And You’re 100% committed to showing up and taking action with a program that’s designed to give you the results you need to thrive in your career

This Program Is NOT For You If...

As the coach, my job is to protect the integrity of the group, and I’m committed to it. That’s why I’ll respectfully ask you to leave the program if…

You just want to make a quick buck and you don’t truly care about the teams & people you lead

You’re not committed to making the world a better place and you just want power for power’s sake

You’re not a team player because you always need to be the star of the show

You are a pessimist at heart who can’t see the good in people or imagine a better future for yourself & the world

Other executive coaches charge over $2500 per month for this level of coaching and mentorship…

But I don’t want to charge aspiring leaders nearly that much…

Membership to my new elite coaching program will regularly be priced at just $997 per month.

But since this is a new program, I’m offering access for even less…

The first 30 members who join the program will get access for just $497/month.

You read that right. You’ll get a massive 50% off.

Why? Because I want to help as many people as possible do great things through this coaching program.

Another Client Had This To Say:
“Anton Gunn is a force like I’ve never seen! His passion is evident as he offers practical and authentic direction toward effective and proven leadership practices. From drawing on the examples from past presidents to teaching the methodology to develop emerging leaders, he creates a narrative sure to equip all leaders with the necessary tools to have a lasting and maximal impact.

Personally, his focused and intentional approach has positively guided and shaped my own leadership style as I transitioned from the traditional role of a physician to the role of a physician leader, and I am further encouraged to inspire others through my given service.”
C.M., MD
Vice Chair of Operations, Hospital & Healthcare Industry

✅  The Effective Executive Checklist – A PDF guide to building the Confidence, Competency, & Capability of a 21st Century Chief Executive (Value $997)

✅  Finding My Purpose – A PDF guide to fill your highest potential as a leader & gain clarity about your life, career, and most importantly, your purpose (Value: $197)

✅  Daily Method Of Operations – A resource guide to get clarity on what you need to do as you work to improve your leadership (Value: $99)

✅  Crisis Communications Checklist – A step-by-step guide on how to communicate with your team in a crisis. (Value: $997)

But you need to act now…

This offer is only available for the first 30 people who join the program. 


To make this decision as risk-free as possible for you, your investment includes a money-back guarantee. 

I’m confident that I can help you get promoted, earn more money, and become the most admired leader in your organization. This is why if you aren’t seeing the value in the first 90 days, I’ll refund your initial investment.


Value: $̶2̶5̶0̶0̶/̶ month
Enroll today for only $497/month.
(Offer Only Valid For First 30 Applicants)
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Value: $̶2̶5̶0̶0̶/̶ month
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Enroll today for only $497/month.
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