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Say Goodbye to Imposter Syndrome

Are you feeling anxious because you got the title, and now it’s time to lead? But you’re stuck struggling with the dreaded imposter syndrome, lying awake at night wondering if you’ve got what it takes… 

Or, maybe you’re worried because your company is making changes and you’re uncertain how to lead your team through the transition. 

Or, you might have found yourself in the midst of a toxic work culture and you don’t know how to right the ship…

Things don’t magically get EASIER when you move up in an organization. 

In fact, things get a lot harder…

The saying is true: new level, new devil. 

You probably know by now that leadership doesn’t come with a set of instructions… 

When you started that new role, nobody gave you a handbook telling you how to make all the complicated & nuanced decisions that come along with leading a team. 

The reality is… IT’S ON YOU to invest in learning new skills so you can become a better and more successful leader. 

The good news is…you CAN learn the secrets that make good leaders great.

Did you know...
And that's why...

Hi! It’s Anton. I want to share something personal with you…  

I wasn’t always a high-level successful leader. 

In fact, for most of my career I was frustrated because I couldn’t lead the way I wanted to. 

I lacked the courage, skill set, & knowledge of what it takes to lead. As a matter of fact, I was AFRAID to ask people what I needed to do to be a better leader. 

It left me feeling frustrated, insecure, & unqualified. Not to mention, I clearly wasn’t making the money I needed to make. 

At one point, I applied for 80 jobs and GOT REJECTED for all of them. 

Things got so bad, I would cry myself to sleep at night. 

BUT, that’s when I figured something out… 

I FINALLY discovered what separates GREAT leaders from bad ones. And that’s when everything changed…

I discovered that great leaders know 3 things:

  1. How to Lead for Impact
  2. How to Manage Diverse Teams
  3. How to Manage Change

The best leaders in the world have these essential advanced leadership skills. 

✅ They know how to confidently communicate & engage with their team members for COLOSSAL impact. 

✅ They understand why a commitment to diversity & cultural competency is CRITICAL to great work culture and thriving teams

✅ They know how to lead their teams through the CHANGES that inevitably occur in businesses that understand the importance of adapting & growing with the times…

Learning these 3 skills transformed my trajectory as a leader and allowed me to become what I am today.

That’s the reason I created 3 in-depth online courses that teach you EACH of these skills so you can become an inspiring & impactful leader.

Presenting: The Leadership Learning Library

A 3-Course Bundle to gain advanced leadership skills to become a better leader in just 3 days, plus a 1-on-1 gameplan call with Anton.

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How to make a lasting difference in your organization.

In this course, you’ll develop the mindset of an impact leader, learn how to effectively communicate with your team, develop your core values, and learn the secret to keeping your employees long term. 

🕑 1 hour


How to harness the power of diversity, equity, & inclusion.

In this course, you’ll learn why Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion are the keys to preventing toxic culture and growing a diverse team that truly THRIVES. You’ll learn the steps you should take as a leader to ensure that everyone on your team feels safe, secure, and respected in the workplace.

🕑 1 hour


How to be fully prepared to lead your team through change.

In this course, you’ll learn how to overcome the challenge of change when you or your organization needs to shift gears to reach new heights. You’ll get proven techniques to effectively communicate change, manage resistance from employees, and build the trust needed to guide your team through ANY transition.

🕑 1 hour

About Anton

“I’m a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama and the world’s leading authority on Socially Conscious Leadership.

I have a Masters Degree in Social Work from USC and was a Resident Fellow at Harvard. I am the bestselling author of three leadership books and have been featured in Forbes, TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, INC magazine, BBC, NPR, and on Good Morning America. Recently, I was named by Fierce Healthcare as one of the Most Influential Minority Executives in Healthcare.

As an international speaker and consultant, I have worked with organizations like Mercedez Benz Vans, T-Mobile, Boeing, Verizon Wireless, Aetna, Blue Shield of California, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Sodexo, KPMG, American College of Surgeons, and FINRA.

From playing SEC Football and being the first African American in history elected to South Carolina legislature in my district early in my career, to now serving as CEO of 937 Strategy Group and serving on multiple boards, I’ve spent my life helping people build diverse, high-performing teams and world-class leadership culture.

Make it right!”

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In just 3 days, I’ll teach you how to lead for impact & manage any change…

All you need to do is follow my proven and powerful leadership skills & frameworks.

Ask yourself: what is a great legacy worth?  

You could pay upwards of $12,000 to be a part of my Supreme Clientele Leadership Coaching Program to receive the same kind of advanced leadership training offered in these courses…

Or you could pay around $9550 for ONE leadership course at a top university…

But you won’t pay anywhere close to that for this program…

I forgot to mention…

Up until now, I ONLY offered the Leadership Learning Library to my corporate clients and they paid nearly $10,000 for it. 

This is the VERY FIRST time I’m offering this training to the public. And I won’t ask you to pay $10,000.

When you enroll in the Leadership Learning Library today, you’ll get it for just $197.

That’s a jaw-dropping 98% discount!

For just $197, I’m giving you access to exclusive insight gathered from 25 years of leadership experience & the winning frameworks that I personally follow to lead my teams to ground-breaking success.

PLUS – you’ll get a 1-on-1 strategy call with me so I can give you a PERSONALIZED game plan for the next 12 months to maximize your results from the courses. 

The value of this 3-course bundle & Strategy Call is over $10,000 and, sure, maybe it’s crazy to offer this to you at such a massive discount. 

But here’s the thing…

I am mission-driven, not money motivated. It’s my goal to inspire leadership that’s courageous, empathetic, and empowering so that there are fewer narrow-minded, out-of-touch, self-interested executives & leaders out there rising to the top of organizations. We’ve all had enough of those…

So this is ONLY for those who are committed to using these powers of influence to become leaders who genuinely help and care about the people they lead. Makes Sense?

If you can assure me of that, we have a deal.

I’ll make this easy for you. I’m going to help you get career promotions and increase your team’s performance results & revenue in 3 days instead of 3 months or 3 years…

And all you need to do is invest one hour for 3 days and one low payment of $197. Are you in?


For A Limited Time, I'm Throwing In These 7 Bonuses...

✅  Words That Work – A step-by-step guide to successfully talking about race in the
(Value: $99)

✅  Diversity Checklist – 10 things to evaluate when building a diverse & inclusive
organizational environment. (Value: $99)

✅  Action Plan For Executive Leaders – Seven steps to steer your workplace culture towards positive change in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the civil unrest in America. (Value: $220)

✅  Meeting Starter Questions – Get to know your team better with the 40+ best meeting starter questions. (Value: $99)

✅  Leadership 44 Resource Guide – A valuable list of resources, videos, books, and more for your personal development. (Value: $220)

✅  4-Steps To World-Class Culture – In this 4-video course, Anton will take you through the basics of what makes a world-class culture in the workplace and how you can best implement it for the greatest results. (Value: $497)

✅  Better Belief System – A 5-page guide to understanding the importance of a better belief system. (Value: $99)


To make this decision as easy as possible for you, your investment includes a money-back guarantee. 

I believe in this program and my students so much that if your leadership abilities and team performance don’t improve in 12 months after implementing what you’ve learned, you’ll get a full refund.

All you have to do is take action on each step I’ve given you and if you don’t see progress, you’ll get 100% of your money back.



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Enroll today for only $197.
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