Do You Have a Problem with Diversity in Your Workplace?

Is your organization a safe space for Black employees? What about indigenous people and other employees of color?


Where do you generally stand on diversity, equity, and inclusion at work?

When George Floyd was murdered in May of 2020, I knew I had to do something. The unrest that had been simmering for years erupted, and I felt called to create something very specific about Black employees in this country and how they should be treated and supported in the workplace. 


Research has shown that a lack of diversity, as well as a lack of empathy and inclusion, is not just hurting people of color, it’s hurting American business—to the tune of $233 Billion. 


It can be hard to pinpoint what needs to change. This plan to help you with a starting point. It will help you lead the change in your organization.


Education around diversity and inclusion has been my life’s work. I’ve consulted with companies like Mercedes-Benz, Emory Healthcare, and Blue Shield of California. As a result, I am well equipped to train C-suite executives on workplace culture and how important diversity is to success. 

This workbook is a place to begin or continue your work around diversity and inclusion.

The Action Plan for Executive Leaders: 7 Steps to Steer Your Workplace Culture Toward Positive Change is so important to me.

I’m offering it to you for free

Inside the workbook, you’ll find:


  • Research and background on Black workers
  • A company cultural assessment
  • An executive leadership action plan


And more…

This assessment was written at a particular moment in time, but even completing it in hindsight is useful—and it may feel uncomfortable! But this is the beginning of the real work toward equality and inclusion. 


I also hope that you’ll share this workbook with your leadership team. Then, if you’re ready to dig deeper, we can work together to complete a more in-depth workplace culture assessment and create a comprehensive action plan custom to your business. 

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