Plenty of us have lofty ambitions to grow our careers, make more money, have more influence and impact.

However, what are your specific career goals, and how are you preparing for them?

What are you doing each day to become a better leader?

I created this free workbook, modeled after presidential briefings, that gives you a week’s worth of prompts to become more informed, more introspective, and more prepared to lead with confidence. 

This workbook is the companion piece to my book . The Presidential Principles: How To Inspire Action And Create Lasting Impact.

You should buy the book, but this workbook is FREE! It contains some of the tools and daily practices I learned during my time working for the President of the United States and that I teach in my training, including:

  • A leadership impact assessment for you
  • Specific examples from my leadership journey
  • Daily writing prompts and reflection to help you grow

And more …

Doing the workbook on your own is great, but I encourage you to share it with your leadership team as well. If we change the way we lead and the qualities we prize in our leaders, we can change the world and our workforces for the better.

These resources can help your whole team get there.


Small steps can make big, lasting changes.

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