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AntonGunnLogoAs one of America’s national leaders on healthcare policy, Anton Gunn provides tremendous insight and value to audiences interested in understanding healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act.  Anton provides a clear, simple game plan to understand the disruptive innovation happening in our healthcare system and gives you a playbook to capitalize on opportunities in healthcare reform. Known to many as “Mr. Healthcare”, Anton Gunn is one of the nation’s most respected political leaders on the subject. Gunn is widely recognized for the role he played in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act also known as “Obamacare”. He has been a regular commentator to media outlets ranging from Sirius XM Radio to MSNBC. He is a passionate, engaging and authentic presenter. Anton can help audiences understand what’s happening in healthcare and how to turn those changes into a winning strategy. With a motivational coaching approach to his speaking, training, and consulting for both small and large groups, Anton is unlike any presenter you have had before. Let Anton make your next event a big victory for everyone.

Upcoming Events Featuring Anton Gunn

  • June 13-14: American College of Healthcare Executives (Chicago, IL)
  • June 21: Institute for Diversity in Healthcare Management (Philadelphia, PA)
  • August 24: Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina (Webinar)
  • August 26: Innersole/Wellcare Back to School (Columbia, SC)
  • October 19: Iowa Hospital Association Annual Meeting (Des Moines, IA)


Anton Gunn is a national leader and expert in healthcare reform. He has the expertise to equip visionary leaders with the game plan necessary to understand the disruptive change happening in the healthcare industry and he can provide the playbook for you to capitalize on opportunities in healthcare reform!

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Anton is also the Founder & President of the 937 Strategy Group, LLC, a consulting firm based in Washington, DC.

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