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As the former senior advisor to President Barak Obama and the world’s leading authority on Socially Conscious Leadership, Anton Gunn knows what it takes to be an ADMIRED leader.


His insights have been featured in TIME magazine, the Wall Street Journal, BBC, NPR, and on Good Morning America, and he has worked with organizations like Microsoft, Sodexo, KPMG, Verizon Wireless, Aetna, Vanderbilt Health, FINRA, and Boeing. 


Why? Because he’s unlocked the secrets to building a world-class culture and he shares actionable steps that can be implemented right now to start moving toward engaged employees, high-performing teams, and increased bottom lines.

Anton only accepts 35 invites to speak a year. Extend an invite here.

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The Admired Executive

How to Increase Your Influence and Impact

Your effectiveness as a leader is only as strong as your ability to influence. The problem is most organizations do not give their leaders the tools on how to create lasting impact on their workforce. According to a recent Gallup workplace study, 70% of US Employees are disengaged at work. A recent study revealed that 71 percent of workers in 19 industries are actively looking for new jobs. Additionally, 44% of the workforce is unhappy, underperforming and overlooked by their management or leadership.

Anton Gunn knows the negative impact of an ineffective leader. Nearly 30 years ago he was a disengaged team member and a marginal performer on a bad team. He was in a toxic culture full of unfairness that forced him to quit that organization. But since that time, he has risen to become a top c-level executive, a senior advisor to President Barack Obama with over two decades of successful consumer and employee engagement experience. Anton Gunn has learned that anyone can become a greater influencer as a leader by embracing 7 simple principles.

Your audience will leave knowing how to:

topic #2

People First, Patients Second

How to Create a Culture of Engagement, Empowerment, and Innovation that Transforms Patients' Lives

In this new era of healthcare, patient satisfaction and quality of care have become make or break for America’s hospitals and health systems. According to Harvard Business Review, patient satisfaction and quality outcomes are highly dependent on the engagement, commitment, dedication, and skills of the healthcare workforce.  According to Gallop, currently less than half of the healthcare workforce is highly engaged. Other research from the New England Journal of Medicine  shows 55% of physicians want to leave the medical profession and one of the top three indicators of mortality (death) risk in the healthcare setting is nurse engagement level. This lack of engagement is a risk to patient safety and can cost health systems one-third of their annual profits.


As a former healthcare advisor to President Barack Obama and a c-level executive in Forbes list academic health system, Anton Gunn has seen the negative impact a stressed, disengaged and burnout care team can have on the patient experience resulting in medical errors, unnecessary harm, frequent readmissions and decreased reimbursement rates. Anton has learned that healthcare organizations can transform their patient experiences and quality outcomes by embracing 7 simple principles.

In this empowering presentation, your audience will learn how to:

topic #3

Build Your Culture,
Boost Your Bottom Line

How to Develop a Culture that
Gets Big Things Done

Creating a world-class culture of engagement will increase your financial profitability. When compared to all other industries, finance and banking suffer from high customer switching rates, low employee engagement levels, high turnover, and absenteeism. According to Forbes, for banks, 20% of lost business is due to poor service. The number of customers switching from one bank to a competing bank ranks higher than those who switched internet service providers, and even wireless phone companies. After working twenty-two years as a C-level executive in the customer-driven and customer-centered healthcare industry, Anton Gunn has learned the most profitable organizations have great customer service and great customer service rooted in developing a world-class workplace culture.

In this empowering presentation, your audience will learn how to:

5 Reasons You Should Book Anton

1. Empowering
Your audience will be motivated. Anton has a unique ability to inspire people to action. He will leave them feeling fired-up and equipped with the tools to readily execute for positive change.
2. Cutting-Edge
Your audience will be challenged. Anton provides them data-driven, innovative solutions that they have never heard before. He will share forward-thinking ideas and expertise that challenges traditional thinking.
3. Influential
Your audience will be swayed. Anton introduces principles and concepts that challenge people to think differently AND act differently. He delivers memorable insights that persuade your audience to lead at their highest level. He will lead you into important conversations that far outlast his time at your event.
4. Energetic
Your audience will be enthusiastically inspired. Anton has an entertaining and dynamic style that incorporates compelling stories with lessons that can be applied to day-to-day scenarios. Plus, he is a charismatic presenter who will be well-received by any audience driven to grow.
5. Customized
Your audience will be invigorated. Anton is an authentic authority on leadership who will bring original and diverse experiences narrowed down to what is most relevant for you. He will spend time learning about your organization beforehand and will incorporate elements that show how he was a hand-selected part of your team.

Helping Organizations Big & Small Build a World Class Culture

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Anton only accepts 35 invites to speak a year.
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Your Leaders Need a Game Plan

Most leaders want to do right by their people, providing them opportunities to grow and progress, but without the right culture the stakes are set against them. This leaves leaders feeling like they're failing, and employees looking for another job.

The fact is that the vast majority of leaders do not have the tools they need to be able to lead effectively.

Let’s provide them a game plan they can use to build a world class workplace culture. You deserve to be a great leader, and you deserve to have a team full of great leaders. Anton’s messages and guidance are all focused on providing exactly the direction you and your team need to get there!