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Leading Your Team After Layoffs

You don’t want to lose good team members.

You don’t want to lose good people.

But sometimes the environment makes this impossible.

So as a senior leader, you have to lay people off.

This is the reality.

The people who are still in the organization are hurting.

They had lunch with people who are no longer there.

Your team is grieving.

It’s never a good feeling when you downsize.

You’ve got to find a way to help your team bounce back after a layoff.

This is how I would advise you to bounce back.

How To Fix A Huge Mistake

You’re not perfect.   Even if you think you’re perfect, you’re not perfect.   Every day we make mistakes.   Every day we do something that ends up

How To Build Alignment With Your Executive Team

There may be internal struggle in your organization because you don’t have alignment as an executive team.

If you don’t have alignment amongst your senior leadership team, you’re going to create all kinds of problems for yourself.

It’ll lead to high turnover.

Low morale is going to lead to smaller contribution margins.

It may even make your organization deficient in your ability to deliver services.

Having good alignment on your team is something you’ve got to give attention to.

Here are a few things you need to focus on to ensure good alignment within your senior leadership team.

How To Lower Your Turnover Rate

If an employee doesn’t stay in your organization for more than a year, that’s a problem.

If you have people you hired that quit within two or three years, that is also a problem.

It’s a problem because turnovers are costly.

Any organization that is rated low as a best place to work has a high turnover rate.

You don’t want that to be your organization.

So you’ve got to do a better job of focusing on your turnover rate.

Here is how you can lower your turnover rate.

How To Avoid Distractions

It’s easy to get distracted from what’s important at work.

It happens to all of us.

We’ve all got other things going on outside of work.

Getting distracted is a reality, but we also must understand that there’s consequences for being distracted.

Distractions can be devastating to the long-term productivity of an organization.

So you must find a way to avoid them.

How To Avoid Being Ignored At The Executive Table

Feeling ignored is not a good place to be.

You’re in a position where the work you’ve done should speak for itself.

Your voice should make a difference.

Your opinions should matter.

But you’re not feeling this from your peers.

Here’s what I want you to understand.

You should not be ignored.

If it’s happening to you, what do you do?

Boosting Morale After A Tough Week

How do you boost morale after a tough work week?

After a tough week, it’s easy for morale to go down.

People feel defeated.

Tough weeks are a part of life.

We all have them at some point.

The important thing is bouncing back after them.