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Anton Gunn knows what it means to empower individuals and organizations. With forward-thinking ideas and enterprising approaches, he has helped diverse and dynamic leaders turn perpetual problems into progressive solutions. His elite experience and cutting-edge analysis make him the world’s leading authority on Socially Conscious Leadership.

Leadership Can Make
or Break an Organization

$ 100 B
The estimated cost of employee turnover due to toxic culture.
0 %
of people who quit their jobs cite "unfair treatment" as their reason for leaving.
$ 1 B
The estimated yearly cost of physician burnout and reduced productivity in the US healthcare system.
Leaders and managers have the important responsibility of engaging and inspiring their employees, achieving quality service, and setting the tone for a great company culture.

In other words, leaders have the opportunity to MAKE THINGS RIGHT, but 95% of them fail to do so.

That failure is unfair to employees, patients, and the bottom line. Unfairness infiltrates organizations when leaders are unaware or ineffective on the fundamentals of a Just Culture. The reality is that 95% of leaders are stuck within a social conscious construct that leads to unfairness and injustice when it comes to their employees, teams, and workplace culture.


High Turnover Rates
Low performing teams
Poor decision making
Reduced earnings and overall success

Companies desperately need the tools, resources, and strategies to solve the root problems that leaders face and eventually embrace and create a world-class workplace culture with high performing teams and great leaders who everyone admires. 

This is where our 7 Behaviors that
Build World Class Culture come in.

Keynotes that Build World Class Culture

See why Bestselling Author and International Leadership Speaker Anton Gunn is the perfect choice to keynote your next event.

expand your leadership thinking

“Whether you are a front line employee or an executive leader, his presentation will expand your leadership thinking, and leave you with a new perspective on your personal and professional life.”

President/Chief Executive Officer, Great Lakes Bay
Health Centers

tangible actions they can take

 “Anton not only inspired the crowd but also gave them tangible actions they can take to make the most of diversity within health care teams to improve their departments. 

S.R., Director of Education
Association for the
Healthcare Environment

a role model for today’s healthcare leaders

“Anton is a role model for today’s healthcare leaders and continues to disrupt the industry with fresh perspective and innovative approaches.”

T.R.B., Director of Learning & Development
Methodist Health System

Consulting to build admired executives within your organization.

As a healthcare system you know that optimal outcomes are signs of success. Ensuring that your leaders are trained and developed to build world-class culture is critical to influencing those outcomes.  Anton collaborates with you to identify which of the 7 behaviors would make all the difference for your leaders and employees that will build a world-class culture of optimal outcomes. 


free video course:

4 Steps to a World Class Workplace Culture

Imagine, becoming the leader who transforms workplace culture in just 4 steps...

From years of experience and insight, Anton Gunn knows what healthy, world-class workplaces cultures look like. More importantly, he knows how to achieve them. Leaders want a strategy to cultivate a culture that creates engaged employees, low turnover, increases optimal outcomes, and deepens impact. But leaders are busy and carry a lot of responsibility. Thats why Anton has developed  simple, implementable strategy that will set the foundation for your organizational culture—taking it from status quo to state of the art.

The Presidential Principles

This empowering book helps leaders develop effective leadership practices that inspire service and build a lasting impact on the people they lead. 

It dives deep into each of the 7 principles that only the best leaders exemplify. It will help you learn positive leadership traits that will allow you to impact your organization the way the President has an impact on America.

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Breanna Browning

How To Protect Your Org’s Brand In The Community

Your organization has a brand. 
I’m not talking about the brand that you market to your patients or your suppliers.  
I’m talking about your brand in your community.  
What does your community know about you, think about you and view as your reputation? 
 You’re probably the largest employer in your community and have more people connected to your brand than you can imagine.  
Every time you or someone on your team goes to the dry cleaner, the pharmacy, and change out of their scrubs, they wear their badge. 
They’re letting everybody know that they work for your organization.  
As a leader, what is your expectation about your team? 
You really want people to have a good feeling about you from the inside out.  
In order to make sure your brand is thriving, as it relates to your community and the surrounding community, there are a few things that you can do. 

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Breanna Browning

What Leaders Should Do In A New Organization

You may be a new leader in your organization.

It’s a new role for you; a new opportunity for you to have a tremendous impact.

But if you don’t do the right thing, the right way, at the right time — it could be disastrous for you.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a new leader start to flounder.

When you start to flounder, the people who report to you will immediately second guess whether you deserve the job in the first place.

If they start to second guess you, it becomes harder for you to lead them.

As a new leader, you’ve got to thrive.

You cannot afford to have doubt about your position.

Some people think just because you get a title or a new office, all of a sudden everybody is supposed to listen to you.

You’re entitled to credibility because of your title, but only for one day.

And then the next day you have the earn it every single day.

So the question is, how do you earn credibility as a new leader?

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Breanna Browning

What To Do When Your CEO Acts Unethically

There may be some things that don’t make you feel good about where you work right now.

You may have seen things that are questionable in terms of ethics.

You’ve tried to say something about it, but it’s fallen on deaf ears.

Now you’re feeling that you may be complicit in bad behavior.

You’re not sure what to do.

We’ve all been in organizations where leadership has made a decision that we don’t agree with.

They’ve done something that doesn’t seem to be ethical.

Maybe it’s not in the best interest of the patient or the employees.

You’ll have all kinds of problems if you don’t address issues around ethics.

You’ve got to step up and do something about it.

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