Free Leadership Resources to Increase Your Impact and Improve Your Team Culture


The Presidential Daily Briefing

Plenty of us have lofty ambitions to grow our careers, make more money, have more influence and impact.

However, what are your specific career goals, and how are you preparing for them?

What are you doing each day to become a better leader?

I created this free workbook, modeled after presidential briefings, that gives you a week’s worth of prompts to become more informed, more introspective, and more prepared to lead with confidence. 


Words that Work

Learn how to have effective discussions about race at work and improve your team culture – all at the same time.


The Diversity Safety Checklist

Are you ready to attract and retain the top talent in your industry? World-class organizations know it’s a business imperative to attract, hire, and retain a diverse workforce. This checklist is a place to begin your work around diversity and inclusion.


The Admired Executive

The Admired Executive: The Seven Traits of World-Class Leaders gives you a crash course in the 7 traits you need to cultivate in order to keep moving forward, remaining competent and trustworthy. 


Meeting Starter

This is a simple way to start orienting your leadership around service.

I put together all my favorite getting-to-know-you questions in a free download for you. These tiny team-building moments can really let your employees know you care about them. 


The Action Plan for Executive Leaders

This assessment was written at a particular moment in time, but even completing it in hindsight is useful—and it may feel uncomfortable! But this is the beginning of the real work toward equality and inclusion. 


Free Resource List for Personal Development

We are sharing this list to provide some resources to help you grow. This guide is a place to begin or continue your personal development as a leader.

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