3 Ways to Become a More Creative Leader

As a leader, you probably feel it’s important to be creative and bring fresh ideas.  

But sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in the status quo and not have that creativity. 

Being stuck in the status quo can have a negative impact on your team’s performance because nobody’s bringing anything new to the table. 

When you get stuck doing things the same way they’ve always been done, you produce the same results and you won’t find much success as a leader. 

Doing the same things doesn’t allow us to overcome new challenges. 

Look at the American healthcare system right now. 

We’ve had an archaic model of how we deliver healthcare. 

When the pandemic hit, it was impossible to continue doing things the way we always had. 

Some organizations were very innovative and navigated the pandemic well while others are still struggling. 

They’re losing staff and some are evening closing their doors because they were not ready. 

They didn’t have enough leaders that were creative and had fresh ideas to figure out what to do next.  

I want to help you become a more creative leader. 

I want to help you figure out how to get fresh ideas so you can continue to grow and transform as a leader; but more importantly so that you can put your organization and team in a position to find success. 

How To Find Your Creativity 

1. Find creative people. 

If you want to be more creative, you’ve got to tap into a network of people who do creative things. 

Are you a member of a professional organization? 

If you’re not, you’re stifling yourself for the opportunity to be more creative. 

People share ideas in professional organizations. 

You can learn from other people that are doing things you want to be doing or even things you’ve never heard of. 

The only way to find these people is to become a part of a professional organization. 

But you can’t just become a member, you must attend meetings and conferences. 

If you want to be a creative leader, you’ve got to get in the room with creative people. 

You must be an active member of whatever organization you’re in to learn new techniques and tips that you can bring to your organization. 

Join a professional organization and PARTICIPATE. 

2. Look to your team. 

I’m pretty certain that everyone on your team has a different perspective. 

They see problems differently than you. 

They also see opportunities you may not see. 

When was the last time you’ve asked your team for ideas? 

If you’re not doing this on a weekly basis, you’re falling behind as a leader. 

If you ask each person on your team, you will begin to build a list of ideas and other things you need to be evaluating. 

Ask the people you lead for ideas and then try them. 

The key to innovation and creativity is trying new things. 

Whether they succeed or not, you need to try them. 

It’s not just about having ideas; it’s about implementing ideas. 

3. Steal like an artist. 

One of the most phenomenal books that I read about creativity is called ‘Steal Like an Artist”. 

I thought it was so powerful that all great art today is just a copy of something else. 

If you think about any great musical group or artists, you’ll see that they didn’t create original songs immediately.  

When they began singing, it was to the songs of other artists. 

I remember watching home movies of Michael Jackson in his living room performing James Brown songs with his brothers. 

He would try to imitate James Brown’s movements.  

He would try to copy James Brown’s splits, his kicks and his slides. 

At six years old, Michael was copying James Brown. 

Over time, he went from doing exactly what James Brown did to adding his own elements and then became the greatest entertainer in the world. 

Michael JAckson is one of the most distinct entertainers to ever live and many of his signature moves were interpretations of other artists. 

Anyone that knows hip-hop music and culture will tell you that Michael Jackson did not invent the moonwalk; he got that from pop lock break dancers in California. 

They taught him that and he introduced it to the world. 

If you want to become more creative, you’ve got to find an artist to imitate. 

I encourage you to get the book ‘Steal Like an Artist’ and complete the exercises. 

Find leaders who are doing innovative things and what you can steal from them. 

That’s how you find your creativity and be a more impactful leader. 


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