Five Ways Companies Can Break the Silence and Address Workplace Injustice

Earlier this month, I shared that silence in the presence of workplace injustice is a national problem. Employees endure inappropriate comments, unwanted advances, and unfair treatment, often fearing retaliation if they speak up. This fosters a toxic environment that erodes morale, productivity, retention, and, ultimately, an organization’s bottom line and maybe its reputation.

The good news is that companies can break this silence. By creating a culture of justice and psychological safety, they can empower employees to speak up and ensure that injustice is taken seriously.

Here’s how to break the silence and address workplace injustice:

1. Have Clear Policies and Procedures:

Firstly, Develop a clear and accessible policy to address injustice, outlining prohibited behavior, reporting channels, and the investigation process. Ensure it’s readily available online, in employee handbooks, and during onboarding sessions.

2. Empowering Bystanders:

Train bystanders and allies to recognize and intervene in potential situations. This could involve educating them about the “Justice Code: 7 Steps to Address Injustice in the Workplace” (Awareness, Acknowledge, Accountability, Apologize, Assess, Action, After Action).

3. Safe Reporting Channels:

Offer multiple reporting channels, including anonymous options. An independent third-party hotline can further encourage reporting by removing concerns about internal bias.

4. Swift and Impartial Investigations:

Establish a clear and time-bound investigation process. Ensure investigations are unbiased and thorough and involve proper follow-up actions based on the findings. Also, check out my blog on “How Well Do You Handle Team Complaints.”

5. Leadership Commitment:

Leaders must be vocal advocates for a just workplace culture. This means actively participating in justice-based training, demonstrating zero tolerance through their own behavior, and communicating this commitment regularly.

Remember, creating a just culture requires continuous effort. As Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, emphasizes, “We need to create a work environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking up if they see something wrong.”

By fostering a culture of justice, psychological safety, and zero tolerance for injustice, organizations can empower employees to speak up, create a safer and more inclusive workplace, and ultimately, thrive in the long run.

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