Four Keys to Navigating Microaggressions in the Workplace

Do you commit microaggressions? Do you even know what a microaggression is? Microaggressions are those subtle, often unintentional comments or behaviors that can create a hostile work environment for marginalized groups. As a leader, it’s crucial to understand how to navigate these situations and cultivate a culture of respect and inclusion. What are Microaggressions? Microaggression […]

3 Sure Signs You’re a Good Leader (Even When You Doubt Yourself)

We all have those moments of self-doubt. As leaders, we constantly strive to inspire, motivate, and guide our teams. But how do we know if our efforts are truly making a difference? Are we actually a good leader? The truth is, there’s no single answer. Leadership is a complex dance of skills, experience, and emotional […]

How to Recover from Being A Bad Leader

It’s Never Too Late to Turn Things Around We’ve all made mistakes as leaders. Maybe you were newly promoted, overwhelmed, and unsure of your role. Perhaps you fell victim to copying a toxic leadership style you once worked for. Whatever the reason, you could find yourself in a difficult position: you know you haven’t been […]

Cultivating Resilient Leadership: Nurturing Strength in Adversity

I’d like to dive into a topic close to my heart: building a culture of resilient leadership. Now, you might be wondering, what exactly does “resilient leadership” mean? Well, strap in, because we’re about to embark on a journey that will not only redefine your leadership approach but also infuse your team with unwavering strength, […]

How Leaders Overcome Fear 

At some point, every leader wonders how to overcome fear.

Maybe the fear is making the decision to leave the organization and retire.

Maybe the fear is making the wrong decision in a time of crisis.

No matter what, all leaders will be confronted with fear at some point.

And you must overcome this fear.

How To Grow In Your Specialty 

If you’ve been in the same job, doing the same thing in the same organization for 15 years, then you’re not really good at your job.

If you were good, you would’ve outgrown the position.

Someone would be looking to give you a higher position or you’d be tired of doing the same thing and seek a new position.

If you’ve been in the same job, doing the same thing in the same organization for 15 years, you’ve gotten good enough to get by and that’s the worst place to be as a leader.

You’re comfortable and eventually will be replaceable.

So, how do you grow to be more successful in your specialty?

This could mean a higher promotion or a larger salary.

There are many ways to grow in your specialty and you must work to or you’ll be yesterday’s news.

6 Books Every Leader Should Read 

I often get asked my opinion on the best books for leadership development.

If you’re leading a team, you can never stop growing as a leader.

Your self development process is paramount to your success as a leader.

If you don’t invest in your personal development, your team will lose confidence in you.

They won’t trust you and they won’t admire or value you as a leader.

So what are you doing right now to develop yourself as a leader?

What are you reading?

4 Tips for First Time Leaders 

I often get asked what advice I’d give to people advancing into a leadership position for the first time.

As a first-time leader, it’s really important that you get a strong foundation.

If you don’t get off on the right foot as a new leader, you’ll run into challenges.

Your team won’t have any confidence in your ability and they won’t believe you deserve the position.

When this happens, they’ll come up with their own ideas.

They’ll veer from the pathway that you’re trying to lead them on.

They may decide that they don’t want to work for someone that doesn’t have the skillset to be a leader.

Then, they’ll leave you.

If you don’t get good advice as a new leader, you’ll struggle.

Here are four tips that I give to every first-time leader.

How To Survive A Merger

Many organizations are going through change right now.

Some of the largest hospitals and health systems in the country are being acquired by other health systems.

They’re going through mergers and restructuring.

They’re being bought out.

There are consolidations.

When these consolidations happen, your job is at risk.

There may be three people in your position and only room for one of you around the executive table.

So the question is, if you’re going through a merger, how do you survive it?

5 Tips For Leading In A Crisis

leading through crisis

Have you ever been in a major crisis as a leader?  One that may devastate the employees.   Devastate the patients.   Devastate your bottom line.   We face economic crises in America.   We also face health crises.  We face major crises over and over, but how do we survive these bad circumstances?  When crisis come, how do […]