Five Ways to Identify Disengaged Employees

Disengaged employees are like a slow poison to an organization. Their lack of enthusiasm, motivation, and commitment can have a ripple effect, impacting productivity, morale, and ultimately, the bottom line. In the recently released “The State of the Workplace Injustice Report,” we delve into the pressing issue of employee disengagement and its root causes. This […]

The Hidden Killers of Employee Engagement: Unveiling Themes of Workplace Injustice

Employee engagement is a critical factor for any successful organization. It impacts productivity, innovation, and, ultimately, the bottom line. However, a silent epidemic is plaguing workplaces across the nation – injustice. This blog delves into our recent study on the State of Workplace Injustice, exploring the qualitative themes of workplace injustice that contribute to disengagement […]

Five Ways Companies Can Break the Silence and Address Workplace Injustice

Earlier this month, I shared that silence in the presence of workplace injustice is a national problem. Employees endure inappropriate comments, unwanted advances, and unfair treatment, often fearing retaliation if they speak up. This fosters a toxic environment that erodes morale, productivity, retention, and, ultimately, an organization’s bottom line and maybe its reputation. The good […]

Four Keys to Navigating Microaggressions in the Workplace

Do you commit microaggressions? Do you even know what a microaggression is? Microaggressions are those subtle, often unintentional comments or behaviors that can create a hostile work environment for marginalized groups. As a leader, it’s crucial to understand how to navigate these situations and cultivate a culture of respect and inclusion. What are Microaggressions? Microaggression […]

5 Ways to Stand Up to Workplace Injustice (and Still Thrive)

Here is a truth bomb for you: even the best workplaces aren’t perfect. Sometimes, you might encounter situations that feel unfair, unethical, or just plain wrong. This could be anything from witnessing harassment to seeing people unfairly passed over for promotions. No matter the situation, injustice in the workplace is wrong, and it should be […]

How Well Do You Handle Your Team’s Complaints?

4 Actionable Steps to Listen, Engage, and Correct Here is some truth we fail to acknowledge: complaints are a reality in any workplace. Whether it’s concerns about workload, communication breakdowns, or even office politics, disgruntled employees will voice their frustrations. Now, some leaders view complaints as negativity bombs and bad press stories waiting to be […]

Finding Your Way at a Career Crossroads: Stay or Go?

Facing the Dilemma: To Leave or Not? We’ve all encountered moments in our careers when the initial shine of a new job dims into the gloom of daily grievances. Whether it’s due to undermining colleagues, overwhelming micromanagement, or a lack of clear direction, that dream position gradually becomes a test of endurance. In my decades […]