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Your Leaders Are Costing You

quit every month due to concerns about culture and management
$ 1 M
of workers say they trust strangers more than their own boss.
0 %
The estimated yearly cost of employee turnover due to toxic culture.
$ 100 B
Leaders are one of the most influential parts of any organization—but the fact is that 95% of them are getting it wrong.

They are tasked with engaging and inspiring employees, achieving quality service, and setting the tone for a great company culture.

But the vast majority of them are failing. This is costing your organization by way of

High Turnover Rates
Low performing teams
Poor decision making
Reduced earnings and overall success

The time has come to end the cycle. Bring in a leadership expert who can help you build a world class culture that supports, empowers, and creates admired executives with Anton’s 7 Behaviors that Build a World Class Workplace Culture.

Let's Work Together to Build a World Class Culture

Developing world class cultures takes insight, determination, consistency. Anton provides a consulting model that goes above and beyond—because he understands that dedicated time, keen understanding, and immense effort are what it takes to improve quality and achieve long-term success.  

He weaves the “7 Behaviors that Build a World Class Workplace Culture” throughout his consulting engagements. The value and experience he brings into organizations is immeasurable.

We understand that every organization has different structures and needs, which is why we have developed 3 versatile levels of consulting.

See consulting packages below.

Levels of Engagement

Strategic Advisory Services

package #1

This package puts your organization on the path to a world class culture with:

  • Leadership and Organization Culture Assessment
  • Executive Briefing for Your Senior Team
  • SBAR Action Plan for Your Organization
  • One Customized Training for Your Front-Line Leaders
package #2

This package includes all four Elements of the Discover Package in addition to:

  • An Executive Design Session (Full-Day)
  • Two-Day Leadership Development Training for Your Top Leaders
package #3

This package includes all of the elements of the Discover and Design packages in addition to:


  • Four (4) Executive Training Sessions
  • Four (4) 90-Minute Training for Leaders
  • 1 Year of Digitally-Delivered Leadership Development Training
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The Difference a World Class Culture Can Make


A world class culture inspires, attracts, and keeps the best employees while empowering them to perform at their very best and engage at the highest level.

Improved Performance

Everybody wins with a world class culture—both the organization and the employees. Everyone has the tools needed to do their very best every day.


When your culture is boosting engagement and performance, a better bottom line is a natural follow on across a number of different areas.

The material and the experience were beneficial in and of themselves, but Anton’s ability to communicate, construct, and convey the information in a way that caused me to acknowledge my shortcomings and to accept the responsibility that my position demands made the real difference. I am not the same leader I was prior to this leadership opportunity.

I highly recommend Anton J. Gunn to any group or organization looking to lead on a different level.

- Juan Cherry, Partnering for Community Prosperity Advisory Committee

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This will identify the most pressing needs for your organization as well as opportunities for improvement.

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Based on the needs discovered in your workplace assessment, we will create a tailored action plan to address your most pressing needs and ensure you’re on the path to a world class culture within your organization.

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As a leader in many organizations, Anton has seen both the good and the bad of establishing the right culture—organizations that have amazing potential, but crumble because of underlying issues as well as those that help their people rise to be better and do more because of the support of admired executives.  Most leaders want to do right by their people. They want to see employees succeed and grow; however, when they’re operating within a system that’s set up unfairly, it’s a losing game.

Anton helps you see the truth of the system you're operating within—so that you can change the system and set it up to help everyone within your organization win.

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