Crisis Proof Your Leadership

Develop the confidence and harness the tools you need to lead your teams through real world crisis with the Pandemic Proof Leadership course.

One thing is sure in business: Crisis will come.

You need to be the leader who not only gets your teams past these obstacles, but helps them thrive in spite of it all. Pandemic Proof Leadership can help you get through any challenge.

Precedented Times

The world has fundamentally changed. Business has had to rally… and then rally again. The unprecedented has become the every day, and you are on the hook for getting everyone through it. 


While tangible losses such as people, money, and opportunities stack up, the larger costs to morale, sanity, confidence, and motivation weigh you down. And you can only look forward to more stress and overwhelm in the future. 

The Pandemic Proof Leadership course will equip you with skills to face any obstacle head on, resulting in tactful, open conversation; increased influence for good; and deeper trust in your abilities.

When things go wrong, you can stay strong

Building a successful career takes hard work, dedication, and intelligence. But without experience and preparation, even the most seasoned leaders can falter under pressure. 


Pandemic Proof Leadership goes beyond COVID-19 and gives you the roadmap to success no matter the crisis you encounter. 


You’ll master foundational skills of leading through crisis and start doing the work to apply what you learn in your sphere of influence—all with proven tools based in decades of experience and research from experts who have lived it all.

What Pandemic Proof Leadership

Looks Like

Confidence that You’re Prepared

Perspective shifts and proven tools empower you to be confidently prepared for the future without catastrophizing

Wisdom Beyond Your Experience

Grow your skills through expert advice from leaders who have lived (and conquered) the worst of times.

Long-Term Business Strength

Thrive in the worst of times. Become a leader of your industry and accelerate your ability to overcome challenges

Lose Your Fear of the Unknown

What’s the crisis you fear could bring down your business? Is it the world shutting down again? A scandal that spirals out of control? A natural disaster? Perhaps, after the last few years, you fear something you can’t even fully imagine—a mysterious and dark future problem. 


No matter what that event is, extraordinary circumstances always call for extraordinary leadership. If you’re not equipped to handle the unexpected, organizational suffering becomes inevitable. 


But worrying rarely gets much done. In contrast, the Pandemic Proof Leadership course provides you with concrete tools that help you prepare for the crisis situations that will present themselves in the future, giving you the confidence to lead your team forward to success despite the circumstances. 

“You made us a better leadership team, period.  And we will continue to appreciate, reflect and incorporate your advice in the months and years ahead.”

-M.D.B., Chief of Staff, University of South Carolina

“Anton absolutely captivated our company-wide audience.  His comments resonated, and both engaged and challenged all of us!   He educates and empowers action/change.  This is how you create better, more inclusive leaders.  Can’t recommend him more highly.”

- -B.C., CEO, Jazz Pharmaceuticals

“His style is straightforward and engaging, creating an atmosphere that allowed our group to let down their guard and engage in honest dialogue. In just a couple hours, he helped us come together and begin a journey toward real strategic change.”

-A.G, Vice President of Client Relations and External Affairs

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont

Improve Your Skills with the Pandemic Proof Leadership Course

Whether you’re in the thick of it or looking to prepare for whatever the future holds, Pandemic Proof Leadership can sharpen your business acumen and give you the confidence to face any obstacle.

The Course Includes:


  • Series of 7 training videos (valued at $5,000)
  • Training workbook to immediately apply your learnings (valued at $150)
  • Expert interview series with battle-tested leaders (valued at $2,500)
  • The Crisis Communication Checklist (valued at $50)
  • An ebook of inspiring quotes (valued at $50)
  • Certificate of Completion

Total Value: $7,750

Total Investment: $499

Early Bird Pricing: $249

Are you risking it all by not preparing now?

A dip in revenue is a problem with many solutions. While the short term may feel rocky, there are always routes back to the top. 


But a loss of reputation? That can be a killing blow. All to often people, business, careers are ruined by just one wrong move. 


As a leader, the time is now to prepare for the rocky road ahead. The time is now to educate and grow. The time is now to prepare for the inevitable. 

Pandemic Proof Leadership can help you safeguard your reputation, no matter the circumstance.

Are you ready to face the next big challenge?

You and your business have already lived through a global pandemic. 


You’ve already faced The Great Resignation. 


You’ve already dealt with intense political and social unrest. 


But mere survival isn’t good enough. 


The past few years have shown everyone that crises don’t wait for you to catch your breath—they build. 


Pandemic Proof Leadership was born from the idea that the world needs powerful, positive direction and a clear roadmap for helping teams and organizations thrive in spite of it all. 


Are you ready to be that leader? 

Let us show you how.

Meet the Author

Anton Gunn has been practicing what he preaches for over 25 years. From advising in the White House to working in the C-Suite, he’s made it his mission to uplift and radically change corporate culture for good. 


Anton earned his Masters Degree in Social Work from USC and was a Resident Fellow at Harvard. He is the bestselling author of The Presidential Principles and has been featured in TIME magazine, the Wall Street Journal, BBC, NPR, and on Good Morning America.


As an international speaker and consultant, Anton teaches leaders how to build connection and trust with their teams, regularly working with organizations that include T-mobile, Sodexo, KPMG, Emory Healthcare, Bernard Health, Blue Shield of California, Mercedes-Benz, and Boeing. Anton is an expert in teaching companies about the power of inclusivity and diversity in building a thriving workforce—expertise he earned in the trenches.  


Anton was the Director of External Affairs at the nation’s #1 federal healthcare agency during the healthcare reform crisis and a C-Level leader of a large hospital system during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has used the principles he shares in Just Lead to lead teams as small as 4 all the way up to serving as a top leader in an organization with 80,000 employees—and he’s never had an employee quit on him. 

A leader who is uniquely positioned to offer insights and action plans for the reality of today’s workplace, Anton’s Just Lead is a pocket manual every leader needs to close at hand.