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How to Become an Admired Executive

Whether it’s in our communities, our cities, or the organizations in which we work, we’re facing a crisis.  

People are divided.  

People don’t enjoy each other’s company.  

We build toxic relationships.  

We treat each other with disrespect. 

This leads to unfairness and pain that nobody wants to experience. Nobody deserves to be disrespected, to be mistreated, to be looked down upon because they’re different or because they think differently than you. 

We can change this narrative by becoming an admired executive.  

I’m excited to launch my new brand, The Admired Executive because I want to bring something to you that does not only add value, but makes a difference for every person that you work with and every person that you serve.  

Becoming an admired executive requires you to serve others.  

When you invest in other people, you make them stronger. You make them better. You make them more successful. But more importantly, you make them to be the kind of people that we need to have in this world. There’s a skillset, and most importantly a formula, to achieve this.  

You must first master the seven behaviors that build world-class culture. You can embody the behaviors that make you an admired executive like the greatest leaders in the history of our planet.  

Some of the greatest leaders in history like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., are people who brought their best self to every organization in every environment that they were in.  

They did their part to make a difference. They did their part to stand themselves up, but most importantly, to stand other people up. 

The essence of leadership 

How do you empower those you serve?  

How do you give to them?  

How do you add to them? 

How does your influence make them a better person?  

From here, you establish your legacy. Your legacy is the most important thing. It’s what you’re doing that’s going to be left behind when you’re gone. 

The admired executive is about building you up so you can help build other people up. Then you can help build your organization up to make sure that no one has to experience unfairness and injustice in the workplace.  

This is about doing the right thing, and the admired executives always do the right thing. They do it right every time and their mission is about making it right for those that they lead.  

That’s what the Admired Executive brand is about. 

I’m ready to help you be the kind of leader that makes the biggest difference in the world.





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