How To Keep Your Team Together

I know you feel that it’s your responsibility as a leader in your organization, to make sure that the culture is strong amongst the people that you lead.  

But you’re not feeling that right now. 

You’re seeing people not get along.  

There’s a lot of antagonism.  

People are being short on email and all kinds of communications.  

People have just checked out.  

They don’t respond to anything.  

Their camera is always off during virtual meetings.  

Your team is not on the same page.  

People are ready to leave the organization.  

It is your responsibility to put the team together because if that team doesn’t stay together, here’s what’s going to happen: 

You’re going to have problems. 

Major things will fall through the cracks. 

Then nobody’s going to be there to help you overcome those problems.  

People will begin working in a selfish way, 

They’ll only care about their own goals and success. 

You’ve got to fix this. 

And there is a simple solution to this. 


Spend a day bonding with your team. 

Do this with the people that report directly to you, not the entire organization. 

You’ve got to get some time away from work. 

You can play a game of basketball or cards. 

You can even go to a dinner together. 

You’ve got to do something as a team. 

And while you’re bonding, don’t talk about work. 

Talk about life. 

Talk about what matters outside of work. 

You’ve got to get people out of their comfort zone. 

It doesn’t have to be super formal. 

Tell them they can just put on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. 

Sitting down in a relaxed atmosphere will be incredibly disarming to your team. 

They’re not used to seeing you wear a pair of shorts. 

They’ll see that your scrawny legs need a tan and laugh.  

And that’s okay because you want them to laugh. 

It builds a bond. 

Humor is a great way to start building a bond. 

While bonding, you’ll also get a chance to see people’s fashion interest outside of business attire. 

Do they wear colorful shirt or solid attire? 

Do they chill outside of the office in button ups? 

You’ll see the sneakers they wear and be able to start a conversation about them. 

All of this is designed to help you start getting to know your team and for your team to start getting to know each other. 

Bonding should happen at least once a month. 

This will help you to start to build comradery and to keep people invested in the organization.  

This is a big opportunity for you.  



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