how to lead with a difficult boss

How To Lead With A Difficult Boss

You may be a leader in a senior leadership role, but we all have a boss.   

Whether it’s the CEO or the chairman of the board, we all have a boss. And sometimes it can be very defeating to you as a leader.   

When your boss doesn’t respect or listen to you, you may question if you made the right decision to join the organization.   

You may even question if you have the skills, intelligence and experience to be effective.  

If the person that you report to doesn’t listen to you, it can be mentally demoralizing and make leading very difficult.  

No matter how much disrespect you face from your boss, you can’t quit.  

You’re a leader for a reason.  

You are not a leader for the person who sits above you. You’re a leader for the people who report to you.  

You’re there for them, so focus on them.  

Focus On What’s Important  

The most important thing as a leader, is the people you lead  

Do not create the same environment that your boss has created for you.  

Give respect to the team you lead.  

Listen to them and learn from them.  

You want to be valuable to your boss.  

You want to give them insight of things they are not aware of.  

What better way to provide this insight than by learning from the people you lead? 

The boss that doesn’t listen to you, doesn’t listen to others either.  

When you don’t listen to others, people don’t want to share information with you.  

You’ve got to give more to your team.  

You’ve got to give them respect.  

You need to learn about what’s important to them and share those insights so their needs will be met.  

That’s what the core of your business is all about; the people you lead. 




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