How To Manage Conflict Between Teams

One of the most difficult things for a leader to do is manage conflict between two teams. 

It’s even more difficult when you don’t have a framework on how to manage conflict. 

Both teams can be high performers, but have completely different philosophies about how they get the job done.  

This can cause conflict and they’re looking for somebody to solve that conflict.  

It has to be you. 

If you don’t solve the conflict, it can create toxicity that infects other parts of your organization. 

This will lower the morale for everyone, creating an environment where people don’t feel valued or respected. 

They don’t feel included.  

They don’t feel heard. 

So the question is, how do you as a leader manage conflict between two teams? 

1. Bring the leaders together. 

The first thing to do is bring the leaders of those teams together. 

Try to understand each of their perspective. 

You have to be the judge. 

Then you must help them decide how to move forward. 

But don’t stop there. 

Make sure that the leaders are communicating the plan to move forward with their team. 

2. Bring the teams together. 

The next thing you need to do is bring both teams together. 

Doing this in person is ideal. 

Bring them all in a room and talk. 

Try to understand the differences between the two teams.  

These perspectives will be different than the leaders. 

Share the plan that you and the leaders have come up with. 

Get them to understand your reasoning. 

Always remember to validate their experiences. 

Validation is incredibly important, letting them know that you acknowledge and respect them. 

Make sure the entire team is included without undermining their leader. 

3. Communicate the plan 

The third thing you want to do is communicate the plan again. 

Don’t assume people will understand the plan. 

You not only have to communicate, but you have to over communicate the plan.  

Make sure everyone knows what they’re going to do and how to get it done. 

If you do these things, you will resolve conflict in your organization.  

It’s important to resolve conflict quickly before it is devastating to your culture. 


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