The Top 10 Crises that Can Devastate Your Organization

Attend to prepare for disaster and learn how to lead through adversity—without losing your cool.

Tough times call for even tougher leadership.

This live webinar focuses on the top 10 threats that your organization faces and how to effectively prepare for them. 

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How to Lead Through Worst-Case Scenarios

We’ve all been through the ringer the past few years. Especially in the healthcare industry: Global pandemic, supply chain issues, huge loss of workforce… the list goes on. And on. 


As a veteran of the healthcare industry, Anton Gunn has helped launch the Affordable Care Act under President Obama, worked in the C-Suite, and coached thousands in leadership training. 


Anton is uniquely poised to understand what you’re going through now, and more importantly what you need to prepare for in the future. This free webinar was developed to help you stay calm, narrow your focus, and strengthen your leadership skills.

Catastrophizing vs. Calculated Thinking

From the White House to the executive boardroom, the biggest predictor for success during a crisis situation is preparation. 


All too often emergency plans are created then shelved—left to collect dust. It’s not until trouble strikes that the cracks begin to show.


Join this free event and up-level your preparation by learning:

This is a LIVE webinar event on Nov 11, 2022 @ 11AM ET. Seats are limited, so be sure to reserve yours today!

Lead the way with…


Learn to own your role as a leader—and be confident that you’re ready to step up.


Discover how to connect with your teams through the worst of times and communicate appropriately


Look any crisis straight in the eye, and know you can and will get through it.

You don’t want to be caught off guard.

It can be difficult to see our way out of a challenge when we’re in the thick of it. If you’re ready to revamp your approach to crisis, learn, grow, and lead the way to a safer and more secure workplace, this webinar is for you.

This webinar is not a pre-recorded slideshow. Learn from renowned healthcare consultant and coach Anton Gunn LIVE. November 11, 2022 @ 11am ET. Save your seat!

Praise for Anton Gunn

“Anton’s informative presentation showed not only how to elevate yourself as a leader and support those around you, his unique personal experience and examples demonstrate how to apply the concepts in daily life. We’d wholeheartedly recommend Anton for your speaking event.”

- D. D., EVP of Emerging Products,


“Anton Gunn always delivers. Whether it’s consumer insights for our team or engaging our members, Anton has an impact on every stage. He always finds the right words to give the audience what they need to hear. I would highly recommend availing yourself of any opportunity to meet, work with or listen to Anton Gunn.”

-A.B., Senior Director of Community Relations, Wellcare Health Plans of South Carolina

“Anton Gunn was a terrific fit for our continuing education needs for our organization. He was a dynamic and engaging speaker which was thoroughly appreciated by our discerning audience. I highly recommend him as a speaker for your conference or staff training needs.”

- C.H., Chief Operating Officer, Atlanta Beltline Inc.

Meet the Author

Anton Gunn has been practicing what he preaches for over 25 years. From advising in the White House to working in the C-Suite, he’s made it his mission to uplift and radically change corporate culture for good. 


Anton earned his Masters Degree in Social Work from USC and was a Resident Fellow at Harvard. He is the bestselling author of The Presidential Principles and has been featured in TIME magazine, the Wall Street Journal, BBC, NPR, and on Good Morning America.


As an international speaker and consultant, Anton teaches leaders how to build connection and trust with their teams, regularly working with organizations that include T-mobile, Sodexo, KPMG, Emory Healthcare, Bernard Health, Blue Shield of California, Mercedes-Benz, and Boeing. Anton is an expert in teaching companies about the power of inclusivity and diversity in building a thriving workforce—expertise he earned in the trenches.  


Anton was the Director of External Affairs at the nation’s #1 federal healthcare agency during the healthcare reform crisis and a C-Level leader of a large hospital system during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has used the principles he shares in Just Lead to lead teams as small as 4 all the way up to serving as a top leader in an organization with 80,000 employees—and he’s never had an employee quit on him. 

A leader who is uniquely positioned to offer insights and action plans for the reality of today’s workplace, Anton’s Just Lead is a pocket manual every leader needs to close at hand.