What To Do When There’s Too Much On Your Plate

You’ve got way too much work on your plate.  

It’s starting to fall off in a way that is not helpful to your brand inside the company.  

People are starting to question whether you actually were the right fit for this role because now you’re not getting the stuff done the way that you need to.  

When people start wondering if you’re the right fit, they’re going to start looking for other chinks in the armor as a reason to get rid of you.  

Here’s my advice to you. 

1. Fire yourself before you get fired.  

There are certain things that you probably shouldn’t be trying to do every day. 

You need to invest in other people around you to help you get them done.  

That could be a deputy, an assistant or even an intern.  

Find a way to fire yourself from the tasks that can easily be done by other people. 

You’re spending way too much time on tasks that can be handled by someone else.  

It’s not that these tasks aren’t important, but someone else has a particular skill set to do them.  

It is not you.  

So you better fire yourself before you get fired.  

2. Focus on the main things. 

Go back and look at your job description.  

I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been updated in the last five years. 

The job that you were hired to do five years ago, you’ve knocked that out in the first three years. 

Now you’re doing other things that are not in the job description.  

Go back to your job description and focus on the main things.  

What were you brought there to do?  

Focus on those things and making sure that you are the best person in the organization at those things.  

All of the other things matter, but they’re not more important than the main things.  

If anybody decides to get rid of you for not being able to finish your job, then the foundation that you can stand on is what’s in your job description.  

That’s what they can hold you accountable for. 

So focus on the main things. 

3. Look at your goals. 

What were your goals for this past year?  

What were your goals for the last five years?  

Have you achieved everything? 

Find a way to invest your time and energy into those goals. 

4. Share with your team. 

Bring your team into the room. 

Share with them your job description and your goals. 

Make sure that they understand, in the greatest detail, what you were hired to do. 

If you’ve been a decent leader, one that is admired and respected by everybody in the organization, your team wants you to win.  

They don’t want you to be overworked.  

They don’t want you to be overwhelmed.  

They don’t want you to have too much on your plate.  

They want you to continue to be their boss.  

They want you to continue to be the executive that they report up to you.  

The more they know about what you have to get done, the more helpful they can be to help you get it done.  

I look forward to helping you become the most admired executive in your organization. 



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