Your Job May Not Come Back After COVID-19

I don’t want to be coy about this. COVID-19 is changing our economy. It will be different forever.

As a part of this change, your job may change too. When I mean change, your job may be different forever. You could permanently work from home. You may go back to a different work environment. And for some of us, we won’t go back at all.

Yes, your job may never come back after we get pass COVID-19.

If this happens to you, are you prepared to respond (not react) to this dramatic change of business for yourself? While you are stuck at home, what are you doing to prepare for this potential eventuality? Most of us aren’t preparing enough.

You need to learn the word Retool. You need to retool and prepare yourself for this new economy after COVID-19.

Please watch this video as I discuss more about our changing economy and how you should retool.

Here is part five of my Facebook LIVE on March 29, 2020. It’s where I discuss the Seven Things You Need to Know During COVID19.

Invest in Yourself!


PS: Check out this very interesting article in Forbes on How the Coronavirus will Change Careers and Lives for the Foreseeable Future.



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