Professional Poisons: Seven Hidden Signs of an Unfair Workplace

Do you ever leave work feeling drained, undervalued, or even a little disrespected? You might be experiencing the chronic effects of an unfair workplace. Unfairness can be like a slow-acting poison, eroding your well-being and job satisfaction over time. But unlike a single bad day, unfair workplaces often exhibit subtle signs that can be easy […]

Five Ways Companies Can Break the Silence and Address Workplace Injustice

Earlier this month, I shared that silence in the presence of workplace injustice is a national problem. Employees endure inappropriate comments, unwanted advances, and unfair treatment, often fearing retaliation if they speak up. This fosters a toxic environment that erodes morale, productivity, retention, and, ultimately, an organization’s bottom line and maybe its reputation. The good […]

5 Ways to Stand Up to Workplace Injustice (and Still Thrive)

Here is a truth bomb for you: even the best workplaces aren’t perfect. Sometimes, you might encounter situations that feel unfair, unethical, or just plain wrong. This could be anything from witnessing harassment to seeing people unfairly passed over for promotions. No matter the situation, injustice in the workplace is wrong, and it should be […]

How to Recover from Being A Bad Leader

It’s Never Too Late to Turn Things Around We’ve all made mistakes as leaders. Maybe you were newly promoted, overwhelmed, and unsure of your role. Perhaps you fell victim to copying a toxic leadership style you once worked for. Whatever the reason, you could find yourself in a difficult position: you know you haven’t been […]

5 Ways to Recognize Work Fatigue in Your Team

As leaders, we all strive to build high-performing teams. But even the most dedicated employees can hit a wall – a wall we can call work fatigue. It’s a state of physical and emotional exhaustion caused by prolonged exposure to work stress. Left unchecked, it can lead to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and even employee […]

Finding Your Way at a Career Crossroads: Stay or Go?

Facing the Dilemma: To Leave or Not? We’ve all encountered moments in our careers when the initial shine of a new job dims into the gloom of daily grievances. Whether it’s due to undermining colleagues, overwhelming micromanagement, or a lack of clear direction, that dream position gradually becomes a test of endurance. In my decades […]

Five Reasons Your Employees Are Checked Out (And How to Fix It)

Empty workstations, glazed eyes during meetings, unanswered emails, and cameras turned off during virtual meetings – scenes that strike fear into the heart of any leader. Discover the root causes behind disengaged employees and learn practical solutions to bring your team back to life. This blog will explore the top five reasons your employees may […]

A Seven-Step Strategy for Dealing With Difficult People in the Workplace

Let’s be honest: even the best workplaces have some bad people working there. We’ve all encountered them – “Disruptive Dave,” “Catherine the Complainer,” the “Passive-Agressive Paul,” and “Selective Outrage Susan.” They can quickly turn a workplace from terrific to toxic. As a leader, I know you want to deal with this quickly and easily: fire […]

Boosting Productivity: How Employee Engagement Drives Business Growth

As many organizations begin the annual rituals of performance appraisals and employee engagement surveys, I want to remind you of something important. Moreover, employee engagement has gone beyond buzzwords and routine assessments to become a critical component of organizational success. As a retired C-suite executive, I’ve witnessed firsthand how fostering a culture of engagement can […]

The Power of Community In Leadership Development

As we begin 2024, it’s important to remind you that leadership is not a solitary pursuit. It is a collective endeavor that thrives on collaboration, shared experiences, and a deep sense of community. The power of community in leadership development is undeniable; moreover, it shapes us into effective leaders who can inspire, motivate, and guide […]