A Seven-Step Strategy for Dealing With Difficult People in the Workplace

Let’s be honest: even the best workplaces have some bad people working there. We’ve all encountered them – “Disruptive Dave,” “Catherine the Complainer,” the “Passive-Agressive Paul,” and “Selective Outrage Susan.” They can quickly turn a workplace from terrific to toxic. As a leader, I know you want to deal with this quickly and easily: fire […]

Boosting Productivity: How Employee Engagement Drives Business Growth

As many organizations begin the annual rituals of performance appraisals and employee engagement surveys, I want to remind you of something important. Moreover, employee engagement has gone beyond buzzwords and routine assessments to become a critical component of organizational success. As a retired C-suite executive, I’ve witnessed firsthand how fostering a culture of engagement can […]

The Power of Community In Leadership Development

As we begin 2024, it’s important to remind you that leadership is not a solitary pursuit. It is a collective endeavor that thrives on collaboration, shared experiences, and a deep sense of community. The power of community in leadership development is undeniable; moreover, it shapes us into effective leaders who can inspire, motivate, and guide […]

4 Ways to Ignite Your Team: Commitment, Competence, and Capacity

As team leaders, our ongoing goal is to create teams that are robust and excel in performance. We dream of a collaborative environment where individuals are motivated, skilled, and capable of exceeding expectations. But how do we achieve this ideal? Today, I want to share four key strategies to cultivate a team that is not […]

Five Strategies to Conquer Workplace Anxiety

The fast-paced, demanding nature of today’s workplace can trigger anxiety in even the most resilient individuals. Whether it’s deadlines looming, performance pressure mounting, or interpersonal conflicts brewing, workplace anxiety can wreak havoc on our well-being and productivity. But fear not, fellow warriors! As we navigate the labyrinth of professional life, we can equip ourselves with […]

8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Employees

As leaders, we wield immense influence over our teams. Our words and actions shape their work experience and impact their motivation, engagement, and overall well-being. While we may have the best intentions, sometimes, inadvertently, we might utter phrases that demotivate and demoralize our employees. Today, let’s delve into eight phrases that, despite common usage, can […]

What is a Toxic Workplace Culture and How Can I Avoid It?

As you continue on your professional journey, our goal is to find a workplace that is not just a place to work but a thriving ecosystem where we can grow, contribute, and feel valued, respected, and empowered. But the reality is that not all workplaces are created equal. Some harbor a hidden danger: a toxic […]

What is Your Purpose as a Leader? Five Tips to Uncovering Your Life’s Calling

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? You’re not alone. This question has pondered humanity for centuries. While some people believe there is no inherent purpose to life, others believe that we all have a unique calling that we are meant to fulfill. If you fall into the latter camp, you must […]

What Matters the Most to Your Employees: Five Keys to a Great Workplace

Personal Confession: When I was put in my first leadership role, I used to think being a leader meant having all the answers. I’d come in pronouncing decrees, telling people what to do, and expecting blind obedience. It was a huge mistake. I ended up being angry and frustrated as to why people wouldn’t respect […]

Four Pillars of Leadership: Building a Legacy Worth Standing On

Leadership. It’s a heavy word, isn’t it? Images of bold pronouncements and decisive action come to mind. But I believe authentic leadership, which leaves a lasting impact, rests on a different foundation built on four essential pillars: Service, Empowerment, Championing Justice, and Leaving a Legacy. These pillars, not coincidentally, resonate deeply with the wisdom I […]