Change is Coming to

I wanted to share an important note that I will be making some significant changes soon. I am preparing to launch my new brand for you and the world.

I want you to know that I value you, and I plan to continue to add value to you. I will always help you to be a better leader for the teams and the people that you lead.

Amid everything happening in our world, I am also feeling a calling to inspire and empower you to become a leader that makes a more significant difference in our society. Justice, Fairness, and Civility are essential words, and we need more leaders living by those words. We need more leaders helping to build communities and organizations that see those words as a part of their values and in the daily interactions with others.

To help you understand why I am making this brand change, I want you first to understand what’s wrong in our communities and organizations. Injustice and unfairness is the problem we need to solve. For example, COVID-19, the killing of George Floyd and injustice surrounding the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, pointed out these problems. We have also seen them long before any of these circumstances of 2020. These problems are creating a leadership paradigm called The Social Conscious Construct.

Check out this segment from a Facebook Live video as I explain it:

I believe it’s time for those of us with good hearts and good minds to break the Social Conscious Construct. We need the vision, goals, and actions to do it. Unfairness is the problem my brand will solve. But I won’t be able to do it alone. I also need leaders willing to make things right.

I hope you will join me.



PS: If your organization is struggling to respond to the racial and civil unrest in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, I want to help you. Check out this Action Plan for Executive Leaders to address the workplace in the wake of this tragedy.



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