The Power to Change Things

A lot is happening in our world today. We face some difficult circumstances in our communities. Sometimes, these things can be overwhelming to think about every day. It can be paralyzing.

I don’t want you ever to be paralyzed by difficult circumstances. I want you to know that you always have the power to change things. You have all of the tools, information, and resources at your disposal to begin changing the circumstances in our world.

But I want to warn you that sometimes the changes we make can fail. We can have the best intentions and efforts to make change a reality, but they can fail.

I used my Facebook Live last week to talk about why change fails. I shared why and how we must avoid the mistakes that could keep our current efforts to change things from succeeding.

You should check out the whole video when you get a chance. Here is a brief clip from it.

Let’s use our power to make change,


PS: I want to support you in changing things around you. I recommend you check out this great book called Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by The Health Brothers. It’s one of the best leadership books on change.



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