How To Find Healthcare Leadership Development Programs

There are more than 5,000 hospitals in America and they all have leadership teams. 

Every year, there are people who want to reach a higher level in healthcare. 

These people are looking for leadership development programs to get them to the next level. 

We need strong, capable leaders in healthcare. 

CEOs of hospitals are retiring and getting fired. 

It was alright to be the CEO when times were good, but the tough times are revealing that people don’t have the leadership skills to lead through them. 

This is creating a leadership vacuum at the top of healthcare leadership. 

This vacuum is creating poor patient outcomes, more expensive services and bad community engagement. 

Hospitals will shut down because they lack leadership. 

This is why everyone is desperate for a healthcare leadership development program to help their leaders and organizations get to the next level. 

How to Find Healthcare Leadership Development Programs 

1. American College of Healthcare Executives 

If you’re looking for a good leadership development program, you should start with the American College of Healthcare Executives.  

This is the national professional association that all hospital leadership attends every year. 

They have conferences, workshops and training programs that operate virtually and in person in every state in the country. 

There’s plenty of opportunity for you to get connected and find leadership training in this environment. 

2. National Association of Health Service Executives 

You can also go to the National Association for Health Service Executives

This is a great association that helps underrepresented minority leaders find their place in healthcare and make a bigger difference for the patients and communities they serve. 

I’m a member of both organizations and have gotten great value from them. 

However, just joining an association is not going to get you to a top-level leadership development opportunity. 

You must be intentional and build a leadership roadmap for yourself. 

This leadership roadmap will include another advanced degree, a leadership library and you increasing your skillset for the most important part of leadership: people knowledge. 

Everyone thinks being a healthcare expert will make them a great leader. 

This is absolutely not true. 

You’ve got to learn to be effective with people. 

Leadership is 87% people knowledge and 13% product knowledge. 

The product is healthcare, but people make up the bulk of the organization. 

What are you doing to develop your skillset so you can be a more effective leader and help others become leaders? 

You won’t find this at any conference or by joining any association. 

You need a coach. 

You need a mentor with concepts that focus on leadership. 

Becoming An Effective Leader 

There are three questions you must ask yourself each day if you want to be an effective leader. 

Do you care about me? 

Will you help me? 

Can I trust you? 

If you don’t answer yes to those three questions every day, it doesn’t matter how many degrees you’ve got or how many conferences you go to.  

You will not be an effective or impactful leader. 

And people don’t want to only hear yes to those questions, they want to see it in your actions. 

They want to hear “yes” by how you lead every day. 

If you still need more 

If you’re searching for a healthcare leadership development program, there are several places you can find them. 

Healthcare is such a lucrative career. 

You can become an executive, live a pretty good life and do work. 

You can do well and do good at the same time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

You just have to commit to developing yourself as a leader. 

You must commit to becoming the executive that everyone admires and that has a lasting impact. 


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