Why Nursing Leadership Is Important

Everyone needs to understand why leadership in nursing is important. 

Let me explain what’s happening right now. 

There are 9.7 million healthcare workers on the front lines in healthcare. 

It is projected that in the next five years, 6.5 million of those workers will leave the healthcare industry and not come back. 

It is also projected that only 2 million people will replace that 6.5 million leaving. 

This means that in the next five years, we’ll be in a healthcare crisis. 

Right now is the time for you to be a nursing leader with impact. 

As baby boomers continue to age, there will not be enough healthcare workers to take care of them. 

And now because of COVID-19, the burnout rate is even higher. 

Healthcare workers are sick of unvaccinated people coming to hospitals and watching them die. 

They’re sick of working 15-hour shifts when they’re supposed to be working 12. 

They’re sick of working five days a week when they’re supposed to be working three. 

On top of the long shifts, they’re not valued and supported at work. 

This is devastating. 

This is why you have to help me make sure that every organization has a nursing executive that everyone will admire.  

You have to help me make sure that every hospital CEO has empathy and focuses on taking care of this problem.  

You’re probably wondering how you can help me. 

Ring the bell. 

You need to ring the bell the way I’m ringing the bell. 

You need to encourage everyone you know that works in healthcare. 

You need to encourage everyone you know in human resources to actually do something about this. 

Encourage them to pay people more. 

Right now, we’re seeing what every nurse in America is worth. 

There are travel nurses making $100,000 to live in a state and work for 13 weeks. 

Then they travel to another state and do the same thing. 

Many nurses will do this because they aren’t treated well in their home hospital.  

This is great money for a traveling nurse, but this is not good for the continuity of care. 

It’s bad for those trying to build a good workplace culture. 

Leaders are investing in young nurses that will not stick around. 

Right now, you’ve got to be the leader to step up and be different. 

You need to invest in your development as a leader. 

Sign up for my free course to help lead the transformation in your organization and begin helping to stop this crisis. 

We can rebuild the American healthcare system. 


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