How To Keep Your Team From Burning Out

The healthcare industry is going through a radical transformation. 

Sometimes, change is hard for people in healthcare.  

It creates very difficult times.  

Your team might get downsized. 

You may be integrating new technology. 

You’re losing staff. 

You might’ve hired somebody phenomenal and two years later, they left to go work for your competitor. 

It is very tough times for everyone in healthcare right now.  

Tough times make it difficult for your team. 

Especially when there’s a health crisis or a pandemic like COVID-19 that puts everything at a standstill. 

But your team still has to come to work every day. 

Your team has to put their life on the front line.  

Your team needs to be prepared and equipped to do the job. 

There’s a lot of death. 

We often forget that these challenges have an impact on our team.  

Tough times are hard, even on tough people.  

Here are a couple things that you can do to help your team manage during these tough times so that they don’t burnout. 

1. Inspire your team. 

You’ve got to be motivating your team during tough times. 

Bring fun into the work environment. 

While dealing with a difficult situation, your workplace can use some humor, dance and energy. 

Your team may only see you as a serious, business like leader. 

Show them a different side of yourself. 

You can be respected and be funny too.  

These are the things that are going to motivate your team. 

Let your hair down and keep it fun in a work environment. 

2. Keep your team engaged. 

Ask your team members what they need and want to be successful.  

We make an assumption that we already know what our team needs.  

They need personal protective equipment, or they need their team to be staffed up to capacity.  

They need all the equipment to do their job.  

You should ask them, “What do you need from me in order to survive this tough time.”  

When they tell you what they need, it’s your responsibility to try to get it for them. 

You have to fight like hell to give them what they need to get through these tough times.  

That’s my advice to you on managing your team during tough times. 

You’ve gotta be fun and engaging. 

Show a different side of yourself and ask them what they need to manage through the tough times. 



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