What Are You Doing To Build A World-Class Digital Culture?

You probably never thought you’d be in this position; dealing with such a complex work environment. 

Things are going haywire. 

Your staff morale is through the floor.  

People are quitting left and right, feeling like they haven’t been invested in and developed.  

You’ve done everything in your power to try to develop people, but it doesn’t matter how much you try. 

People still don’t feel that way.  

Healthcare is a complex environment.  

It’s an environment that we’ll all be in at some point in our life. 

Whether it’s for family, friends or yourself, everyone’s going to access the healthcare system.  

So, they’re going to come in contact with the people who work in the system. 

Most of these people go into this profession for one reason.  

They want to make a difference 

They really want to make a difference and serve.  

They didn’t go into it for money.  

They didn’t go into it for fame.  

They went into healthcare to make a difference for people.  

But in the process of making a difference for people, there’s a lot of frustration.  

There’s a lot of fear. 

There are challenges in their work environment. 

You spend your entire day pouring your time and attention into saving someone else’s life while your own life could be falling apart. 

Healthcare workers are immediately in a position where they can be bitter. 

Doctors are committing suicide or leaving the profession.  

Frontline nurses are burning out quickly because of the environment that they work in.  

They face lateral violence at work and all of these things makes it hard for you as a leader to be effective. 

It leaves you with a high turnover rate. 

People quit and it gets expensive for you to retrain a new healthcare worker.  

I know it’s hard, but your team needs you to stand up for them. 

They need you to fight for them. 

Create an environment that is not toxic for them.  

That requires you to understand how to build a world-class culture. 

Build a culture where everyone feels valued, respected, included and like they can bring their best self to work every day. 

Build a culture where they feel that they can make a difference and not have to deal with all of the mess. 

Your responsibility is to take those burdens away so they can focus on the important parts of the job.  

What are you doing to build that culture?  

Have you thought about what it takes to build a culture where your high-performing teams are excited to show up every day? 

Do they look at you as a leader that they admire? 

My work is to help you in your work.  

My role is to help you to be a better leader. 

To have a greater impact. 

To become the kind of leader that is admired, not only by those that fall under your leadership but by your entire organization. 

I want to help you to get there.  

In order for you to get there, you’ve got to take in regular teaching every day of the week. 

Every month, put yourself in a position to continue to grow through these challenges. 

That’s my focus for you.  

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