How To Manage Losing A High Performing Colleague

I know how it is to lose a high performing colleague. 

Someone that you enjoyed working with. 

Someone that is very skilled at their job.  

They did a lot of things to make the organization a whole lot better, but now they’ve left. 

This can leave a gaping hole of institutional knowledge that makes it hard for you to function and get your job done.  

Now, you‘ve got to take on a second job. 

This can lead to a decrease in morale for you, your team and everybody else around you.  

It is a deficit to the organization when you are missing this person. 

It’s going to take time to find somebody to fill that role.  

And even when you do find somebody to fill that role, the biggest challenge is going to be getting this person to the same level of your past colleague. 

Now you’ve got twice as much responsibility

There’s a way out of this situation.  

It will require you to invest in the people that they used to lead. 

Here is what you need to do: 

1. Talk to your colleague’s team. 

You’re going to have to spend time with your colleague’s team members to understand the day-to-day of their work.  

What did they do?  

What were some major things that kept them focused? 

What big projects are they working on? 

You need to understand their jobs until you get a replacement. 

2.  Focus on right now. 

The second thing you’ve got to do is focus on what needs to happen right now.  

Figure out what can be put off until your new colleague gets hired.  

3.  Don’t reinvent the wheel. 

Don’t think that you’re smarter than the person that you just lost. 

They can do their job better than you can; that’s why they had that job.  

Don’t try to do their job, just stay in your lane.  

Do what’s comfortable for you.  

Do what’s effective for you. 

The most important thing is keeping your immediate team ready and prepared to do their jobs.  

Find a way to keep yourself focused. 

Check in with the new team that you just acquired. 

Figure out what they do, but most importantly, stay in your lane.  

You’ve got to do what’s important to you. 


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