Picking Your Team Up In Tough Times

Working in healthcare we always face tough times.  

Sometimes it’s losing a patient.  

Sometimes it’s having a mass casualty come into the emergency room.  

It may be a hurricane or a tornado.  

Or it could be a global health pandemic.  

These things are hard on every healthcare leader in every healthcare organization.  

As hard as it is for our communities, it’s even harder on our healthcare workers.  

Our physicians struggle to do their jobs every day and they have to take it home and carry it. 

 Nursing is even more of a struggle. 

That’s why you, as a leader, have got to help people through these tough times. 

You’ve got to help people get through grief. 

It’s up to you.  

They’re depending on you. 

If you don’t help them through it, it’s going to increase the level of absenteeism.  

Low morale, isolation and turnover is going to go through the roof because you haven’t done your job to help them to get through these tough times.  

If you want to have a successful organization, you’ve got to master how to overcome during tough times. 

TraIn for this.  

Prepare for this.  

Use everything that you’ve learned to help your team to get through tough times.  

Be an inspiration and motivation. 

Success is not an artificial thing.  

It’s not about just saying ‘I’m winning and you’re losing.’  

It’s about how people will get through the tough times.  

It’s about them seeing their leader is motivated, inspired and empowered to help them get through it.  

That’s your job.  

You need to do that for your team.  

You need to help them to be successful and you need to help them win.  

The tough times will always be with us, but you as a leader should also always be with us. 


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