44 Actions to Break Down Barriers, Boost Your Retention, and Build a World-Class Culture

Build a workforce with drive, focus, dedication, and tenacity.

Anton Gunn gets straight to the point on how to retain your people, build a positive work culture, and harness the strength of a team that feels seen and fulfilled in his highly anticipated new book Just Lead.


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Feel like you’re drowning in the flood of workplace dissatisfaction?

Since 2021, more than 80 million Americans have left their jobs—and millions more are “quiet quitting” by staying put but only putting in the bare minimum to collect a check.

All of them cite distrust, inequity, mistreatment, and exclusion among their reasons for shifting priorities and walking away from work.


Patches won’t hold—it’s time to fundamentally fix what’s broken. You need a plan, or you’ll be swept away in the rising tide of workplace dissatisfaction.


Anton Gunn offers you that plan in his new book, Just Lead

This book is a straightforward strategy for boosting employee retention and inspiring innovative, positive momentum in your workforce.

Just Lead gives you 44 tried-and-true tangible actions proven by Anton to build award-winning workplace culture in multiple organizations over his decades-long career in the public, private and non-profit sectors. 

Increase your professional development, improve your team culture and become a world-class leader who inspires. 

“Before you become a leader who can break down barriers, you must gain self-awareness. The best leaders never quit learning.”

Praise for Anton Gunn & Just Lead

“This book will serve as your constant reference for guiding principles in the journey to cultivate high-yielding teams. Simply put, a RARE find!”


- Dr. Tiffany Victor, DNP, MSN, B.A., ACM-RN Vice President Population Health and Care Management at Atrium Health

“Anton’s book is a must-have addition to any leader’s collection. Anton’s 44 actions are succinct and practical yet highly impactful. I strongly suggest this book be mandatory for any leadership development program your organization embarks on.”

- Darrick T Paul, MBA, MHA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CPXP Chief Human Resources Officer, former United States Army Reserve Officer, and former university associate professor

“It’s an easy read and conveniently organized for leaders to check in with themselves, especially when navigating challenging scenarios in the workplace.”

- Nathalie Occean, COO of MedHaul

“A masterclass on servant leadership, and as usual, the wisdom and insight Anton Gunn shares are invaluable. “Just Lead” is a must-read for anyone looking to build or strengthen more diverse and inclusive high-performing teams in the workplace.”

- Mia McLeod, CEO of McLeod Butler Communications

“Anton Gunn’s insights demonstrate how to authentically break down barriers and overcome the challenges in law enforcement departments. You’ll use these gems every day. ” “

- James A. Flowers, Jr., CEO 431 Global, LLC

“Thank you, Anton, for providing such concrete and practical tips that any healthcare leader could use to build the great teams we desperately need in healthcare. Our quality of care and leadership are critical to the health of our patients.”

- Kimberly Butler Willis, Ph.D., CHES, CDP SVP, Patient Care Operations Planned Parenthood of Michigan

The Leadership Guidebook for Today’s Challenges

Just Lead isn’t a long-winded puff piece with a message that gets lost in ego. It’s full of actionable steps and easy exercises from cover to cover that you can start using right away!

Discover how you can leverage your power and influence as a leader to:


  • Zero in on “quiet quitting” and how to make it stop
  • Retain driven, talented employees
  • Grow your abilities and gain executive presence
  • Be resilient through tough change


You’ll finish this book and quickly realize you need to keep it close by to reference again and again as you start to trailblazing your way to improved work culture. 

Order today and get access to the private Just Lead conversation groups to help you on your way.

Meet the Author

Anton Gunn has been practicing what he preaches for over 25 years. From advising in the White House to working in the C-Suite, he’s made it his mission to uplift and radically change corporate culture for good. 


Anton earned his Masters Degree in Social Work from USC and was a Resident Fellow at Harvard. He is the bestselling author of The Presidential Principles and has been featured in TIME magazine, the Wall Street Journal, BBC, NPR, and on Good Morning America.


As an international speaker and consultant, Anton teaches leaders how to build connection and trust with their teams, regularly working with organizations that include T-mobile, Sodexo, KPMG, Emory Healthcare, Bernard Health, Blue Shield of California, Mercedes-Benz, and Boeing. Anton is an expert in teaching companies about the power of inclusivity and diversity in building a thriving workforce—expertise he earned in the trenches.  


Anton was the Director of External Affairs at the nation’s #1 federal healthcare agency during the healthcare reform crisis and a C-Level leader of a large hospital system during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has used the principles he shares in Just Lead to lead teams as small as 4 all the way up to serving as a top leader in an organization with 80,000 employees—and he’s never had an employee quit on him. 

A leader who is uniquely positioned to offer insights and action plans for the reality of today’s workplace, Anton’s Just Lead is a pocket manual every leader needs to close at hand. 

Just Lead Teaches You…