Leading Your Team After Layoffs

It’s hard for organizations to downsize. 

Some of the toughest phone calls that I’ve ever had was calling a team member to tell them that they are being laid off. 

It’s never an easy thing.  

It’s hard for them to hear, but it’s just as hard for you to deliver that message. 

You don’t want to lose good team members.  

You don’t want to lose good people.  

But sometimes the environment makes this impossible. 

So as a senior leader, you have to lay people off.  

This is the reality.  

The people who are still in the organization are hurting. 

They had lunch with people who are no longer there. 

Your team is grieving.  

It’s never a good feeling when you downsize. 

You’ve got to find a way to help your team bounce back after a layoff.  

This is how I would advise you to bounce back. 

  1. Gather your team. 

Gather your team and acknowledge the reality. 

We’ve lost people. 

There are people no longer with us, but we are still here for the people that we serve. 

There are patients and families that depend on us. 

  1. Encourage your team. 

Remind people that you’re still a team. 

Let them know you will get through this together. 

You have to do more with less, so encourage them to step up. 

  1. Remind your team. 

Remember the mission.  

Get back to the basic tactics of why you are there.  

Remind them of the values of the organization. 

Remind them of your values as a leader. 

Tell them that you believe in them.  

Tell them that you want to help them be successful and you’re committed to doing that. 

Make sure that they know they can come to you.  

Assure them that you’re going to be there for them in their time of need. 


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