tips for new leaders

Tips For New Leaders

You may have just transitioned into a new organization, or maybe you’ve gotten into a new role in your organization.  

This may be the highest level role you’ve been in and you definitely deserve the opportunity.  

You probably want to take advantage of this opportunity and not make mistakes.  

I want to give you advice on navigating this new role. 

I want to make sure that you experience success in this position. 

Here are my tips for new leaders: 

1. Understand Your Title 

It’s on your door. 

It’s on your business card. 

You should feel good about this title. 

It’s the title that has been given to you, but you still must earn it. 

You must continue to earn the respect of the people around you. 

Show them why you deserve this title. 

Don’t think that just because you have a title, people should automatically give you respect. 

It doesn’t work like that. 

People give you respect and continue to give you respect as long as you show them you deserve it. 

2. Get To Know Your People 

You don’t know your people as well as you think you do. 

Take time to learn who your people are. 

Have one-on-one meetings. 

I remember once starting a position as an executive in a healthcare organization. 

People didn’t know why the job was created or why we needed the position. 

I spent my first 100 days having one-on-one meetings with people in the organization 

I asked them several questions to better understand them. 

What do they think of my position? 

What do they think of the organization? 

If they were me, what would they focus on?  

These are the kinds of insights that will help you learn more about your people. 

It’ll give you a game plan on what you need to be doing.  

You have to spend some time understanding what’s on the minds of the people that you lead. 

3. Understand Your Boss’ Expectations 

Whether it’s the chairman of the board or the CEO of the hospital, you have a boss. 

It is your job to understand what their expectations are for you.  

Figure out the things that are most important for you to be successful in your role. 

You may not know the answer to that, but I bet the person who hired you does. 

It’s up to you to go to them and find out. 

You need to be comfortable going to ask that question. 

As a leader, you’ll always need to be resourceful and plan on meeting the needs of your boss and your people. 

You need to understand why you were hired. 

Understand what your frontline thinks of your position and continue to earn everyone’s respect. 



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